Friday, April 20, 2012


When your an instructor, an athlete, a gym junkie even- we all have something in common! We really suffer if we do not fuel our bodies! I'm a true believer in putting back into my body . I get all my suppliments from NZ who ship all over the world! For a fantastic price. Since being in the uk I've received packages pretty quick.
Go there now! and order , gloves from DVDs, suppliments, Gary and wendy the owners are the nicest hard kiwi workers I know. There such good people .

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  1. Kia Ora Dan,

    Athlete x, is a great recommendation.
    I once contacted them and they are so nice and polite people.
    Unfortunately, the shipping costs to Europe are making the price of everything double or sometimes triple.
    It would be great to recommend them to find a reseller in Europe, so we can buy easily and in reasonable -final (including the shipping costs)- prices.

    Kia kaha