Tuesday, April 24, 2012

THOR workout by vaux

Perform each exercise for approx 1 minute
Perform each exercise back to back
If your form/technique suffers then slow down
Set your timer for approx 11 minutes
Repeat this workout for a total of 3 rounds- trust me 3 rounds is enough
Recover for approx 2 minutes between rounds
Your timer will read a total of approx 39 minutes.

The sequence as follows:

Box jump - above knee height
Single leg lunge with KB heavy- 1 foot on box- KB in opposite hand
Other side
Burpee push up box jump-( a combo burpee pushup then jump up to box)
Plate rotations - explode
Plate triceps- strict form
Alternating chest press- 1st reps the hardest
High pulls- KB must gently touch floor between reps
Renegade rows with KB
Hover arm reaches L and R- don't let hips twist
Power KB clean and snatch- if you can do more than 6-8 reps in 60 seconds then you need to lift heavier.

2 min recovery
Repeat x3 sets

Love to support

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