Friday, June 22, 2012

The next avengers workout! "The BLACK WIDOW"

Black widow work out by Dan Cohen
The black widow from the avengers-
she moves with agility and boy she has got some skills!!.
There are two parts to this workout .
Cardio and Conditioning that's is combined for quick results
This is a short yet intense workout.
Set the timer for 25 minutes and see how many set you can achieve total?

X2 160m run- option high knee run fast on the spot for 2mins
X20 burpees
X10 pull ups

With a medicine ball start with one hand on the ball and the other on the floor
X5 lock pushups each side
X10 cross over pushups
X15 tricep press ups
X5 depth jumps- ouch
X35 med ball slams

A good challenge is to complete around 5-7 sets.

I burnt 638 cals and this is not including the EPOC Effect
( the ability to continue burning calories for hours post workout)

Good luck team- its only a 25 min workout but, it kicks your heart rate rite up.


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