Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DAN COHEN- training

Hi team

ok you only have 3 weeks to step up your game....


1- Eat 5-7 small high protein meals per day
each meal must have greens.

2- Add intensity to your training, short burst of exercise will help you burn ore calories and burn more fat

3- Drink lots of water

4- Ensure you have recovery and at least 6-8hours sleep per night.

5- Add supplements to your life, Vit C, fish oils, BCAA's, glutamine.

and a quick bonus workout for you all... add modifications where ever you need.

1, squats x25
2, burpees x12
3, plyo switch lunges x25
4, burpees x12
5, pushups x25
6, jump squats x12

set the timer for 17mins......

start and do as many sets back to back as possible within the 17mins..

dan ... coach vaux


  1. is it the bodyrocktv concept? I see that all ppl I admire use this method to keep in shape! the same for clean eating...:)

  2. is this the kind of diet plan you are using right now dan?
    you could give more advices like that!
    it's really great to help us getting in shape!