Friday, October 19, 2012



For me this word is massive!!

In my world it means:
High standard
And most of all it means PERSEVERANCE

What does COMMITMENT mean to you?


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  1. To my mind, Commitment means:
    Sacrifice its own time to build a better life for the others.
    responsability --> Only a powerful and renowned person is able to be listened.
    kindness --> only a person with a brave heart should be listened.
    perseverance --> People do not listen and understand so easily.
    But as Rambo said : "Live for nothing, or die for something"
    Ok, Rambo is not the best DRAMA actor, but is completely right and I like him!!!

  2. Dear Dan

    It’s been a year and a couple of months that I’m in Paris for work and go to gym here. On 14 September, I happened to participate in your lesson at Club Med Gym for BC53 release, thanks to Max, the instructor who grabbed my arm with all his force the week before, saying into my face (in French) “you MUST come - it is but HIM who choreographs BC!!”

    Thus, not only was I able to see you closely (and even shake hands with you as I said “Welcome to Paris”, outside the building), but experience something very deep through your lesson. It came from what you are, beyond all superficiality of Les Mills marketing, rituals and plays.

    Looking at the superstar, I said to myself, “Being Dan Cohen all the time is not an easy job” - release a new choreography every three months, travel around the world, leading workshops like this, while keeping yourself in good shape physically and emotionally - even if you have good team mates to support you…

    Yet you were so accessible, kind, generous, polite and respectful, trying to be a good teacher to everyone and true in your message. I felt strongly your commitment from your gesture and deed. When you are living what you said, that’s a true commitment!

    I thank all of those who made it possible to learn directly with you. That lesson was nice and enjoyable, “sympa” as the French say, with easiness and simplicity a bit unimaginable in Japan.

    Also, I loved your words: “Movements are not simply by arms and legs; they come from inside, from your heart.” Since then, I’ve been practicing BC with a deeper sense of connection to something, and getting stronger!

    I am grateful to you and all of my instructors.
    Thanks, Dan. from Y.

  3. Dear Dan.
    I'm a Spanish guy who loves to do Body Combat, most people say that I do better than my own instructor, I love living by the Body Combat and I'd love to be a Les Mills instructor, really, I love heart be an instructor, but do not know where I can inform me, I looked on the web, send email to give me information or instructions on how to do it ... I have not done anything I'm waiting a few months would be a pleasure for me than you, for me the best instructor of BC (in truth I tell you) could guide me and tell me a little where and how I can do it ...

    I hope that you read the message as it is very important to me your support Dan, then I leave my e-mail and I kindly your respueta. (And I would add that this is no joke)

    Thank you Dan, here my email:


  4. Faithful to yourself and to others. When you view anything that may potentially compromise either your health regime, your spiritual journey or your relationship, as destructive, and you fight for it as if it is the only thing you have left in the world.

  5. Hi Dan. It's pretty old post I'm leaving my comment on now, but I wanted to find something which would fit the message I want to leave below.

    Commintment means first of all big responsibility. If you gave your word, you have to be there, do it and give the best you can give on that very moment of time. No excuses.
    You guys are really huge role models, showing us what the Real Commitment is. Last year Rach was over here in the Netherlands with workshops for BodyCombat and Sh'bam and if she wouldn't say "well, it's like 3 am there where I just came from" (about 3 p.m. "our time") we wouldn't notice, no complains, pure energy and dedication, it was really impressive. Sometimes I don't get it how you guys do that: you work on BodyCombat and one other programm (Sh'bam / CXWorx), then this LesMills Combat in the US, you travel around the Globe, you cross all those time zones and you are there completely present every time, giving 110%, like some machines. Dan, you wrote here on your blog about how important it is to have enough of sleep, but I wonder, do you self have enough of rest? It's just a tough job you have and you're really the biggest inspiration for all of us, thank you guys for that.

    I doubted if I should say this... but I dare. I respected you guys already and after one class you did for a filming, I just don't have any words left to describe it. I mean that particular filming in the end of January, a day before you had to say last goodbye to Hernan. What you did there was unbelievable. That day all my thoughts were with you.. I watched the DVD half year later and what I saw was the real meaning of COMMITMENT. You do your job, no matter what, no matter how you hurt. I'm sorry for bringing it up, but this IS Commitment. You don't speak it, you DO it. That's what gives me strength when I feel worn up after a tough day and have the class to teach in the everning, I say to myself: no way you have it harder now than they had then...

  6. (part 2)
    I also would like to thank you Dan, for being there in Veldhoven (the Netherlands) for the Mega-Quarterly last weekend. For being there to lead us through that great Warriors workout and also to be there for the EPIC BodyCombat 54! Track 2, huh! Give me more of THAT please! :) It was GREAT! wow!

    I actually have some regrets for not asking you some questions, when I had the chance back then. It's pretty stupid: I did have some questions I wanted to ask, but when I had the opportunity, I ended up asking something silly, while thinking "Really?! That's why he travelled all the way to NL, to answer THIS" haha ... Yeah, if Dan had a dime for every time he was asked about the E-kick, he'd have ... well, two dimes only for that morning as far as I've heard. :)
    By the way, I don't know if you avare of the rumour, but here it is. It spread after one of the initial trainings over here, when was said that "According to Dan, there won't be any Evasive S-kicks (with propulsion) in the future releases of BC anymore". So, I was just wondering if Dan himself knew about what *he said*. At least I can respond now if I hear it ever again: "It's not true, I've checked". :)
    It's not that we don't have enough jumping options in BC you know, it's just I really couldn't believe you could have said something like that! (never say never)

    But talking about Side Kicks: I'd actually like to have that Advanced SK which we had once in Let It Die (T4 BC50) - it is so cool!

    Now regarding the questions I had for you but sadly enough didn't ask. I wonder why don't we have some Bonus tracks or alternative tracks in BodyCombat as they have for example in BodyPump? And why can't we have something like the Warriors Workout also on BC-dvd? I LOVED it! I thought maybe it would've been fun to do something like that also in the class for a change. I remember there were some trainings/technique sessions in previous releases (somewhere in the 30's), but there was nothing like that anymore for a while. All those researches are interesting (very!- the reactive core training in BC - very impressive! wow!), but I wish we also would have something like that Warriors workout of yours.
    And that Tai Chi cooling down that we did with you was just beautiful! Maybe it would be a good idea to make something like that for a cooling down for one of the releases, or just to put more Tai Chi in track 10? Or maybe to put that flow you did with us as a "Bonus" Cool Down track for those of us who would like to have this choice for track 10 sometimes? I'd definitely love that and I've heard a lot of people being fascinated by it, so they would love it too I guess.
    That was it.

    I'd like to thank you once again for you work and for being such an inspiration for all of us.
    Take care,