Monday, January 28, 2013

Great food

Dans cottage pie

Gluten and dairy free
Low fat, low carb
High protein

Lamb mince- organic
Onion x1
Crushed garlic x2 cloves
Tomatoes from my garden
Basil from my garden
Lamb seasoning
Pinch of Rock salt
Blank pepper
Chopped organic carrots
Sweet corn

Cook all ingredients together slowly...

Then transfer from a pan into an oven dish

Add mashed sweet potato on top and bake for another mins until a little crispy on-top.

Cracked pepper and seed TUNA

This is my favorite and very easy to make

Tuna steak fresh
Sesame seeds
Cracked black pepper

Role the out side edges of the tuna into a small bowl containing the seeds and black pepper.

Hear up your pan with a little coconut oil and cook

The perfect tuna needs to have a thick layer of pink when you cut into it..
This dish is easy to mess up if you over cook your fish

Serve on a bed of spinach - from my garden and sprinkle with pine nuts

Nut bar

Raw mixed nuts
Brazil nuts
Pecan nuts
Add in organic figs
And apricots
Blend together and then role it in tin foil to form a bar shape..
Place in the fridge for 40 mins and you have your nut bar..
Place In the oven on 180 for 15 mins then leave to cool you'll have a biscuit'

Always good with a green tea or a black coffee ...

Enjoy everyone


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  1. That tuna recipe sounds awesome! Do you usually grill or bake your tuna steaks? I like them pretty rare as well :0)

  2. Can't wait to try these! Thanks for posting! After doing the Les Mills 21 day detox, I feel great on gluten free, no dairy and little carbs, so I'm gonna go more paleo. Have you baked with almond flour and coconut oil? It makes some really good blueberry muffins!!

  3. Dind´t know you cook, thank´s for the recipes, will try them all, keep the tribe

  4. I bet the spinach and tomatoes from your garden taste great but it might be a bit of a long way to come from Denmark to collect them, so I'll just grab mine from the supermarket ;-)