Monday, March 18, 2013

Les Mills COMBAT live chat!

Hi team

Tomorrow morning in New ZEALAND  at 11am Rach and i are going live to the USA with a webinar live chat.

You can tune in on the Beach body website, and keep looking at the Les Mills combat twitter page, the Les Mills BODYCOMBAT face book page for the live links...

we shall be answering heaps of questions about Les Mills home dvd combat,and some questions on exercise and nutrition... throw in a couple of BODYCOMBAT questions and i think we have it covered.

however if there was something you really wanted an answer to, then feel free to comment below.

Remember , you can only leave a comment if you follow the blog.. thats just the way this blogspot works i guess..

anyways, look forward to your questions..



  1. Hi, will there be any new Combat workout DVDs in the future? Thanks for such a phenomenal program,just finished round 1 of Combat a couple of weeks ago.

  2. I hope the success of your work. Have a nice trip.

  3. Hey Dan, I was wondering what a training day in the life of Dan looks like? Do you do heavy resistance when not doing BODYCOMBAT? I would like to build the type of body that you have built, I am a new BODYCOMBAT instructor and want to lead by example! You are an inspiration brother! -Brian, Wisconsin USA

  4. Question so I heard from newly trained BODYCOMBAT instructors that their instructor said back foot should never be an instructor for some time now that is NOT how I was trained and that is not what is in the videos...can you explain the proper stance! Thank U Dan!!

  5. I am a Bodycombat instructor and I'm very curious about the home COMBAT and would love to see the DVD (DVDs?). However, I live in Sweden and its not possible to order it here. Will it be able for download in the future?

    I also have some questions about Bodycombat. Do you and Rach coreograph all the tracks together or may it happen sometime that one of you coreograph a track all alone? Since you are program director of CX my mind says that perhaps you are the one who usually coreographs the conditioning track, or do you always do it together? Do you ever feel like you run out of inspiration for Bodycombat?

    Take care and thanks for doing such an awesome job creating Bodycombat, it made me fall in love with working out and I went from not exercising at all to perhaps overdo it a bit :)

  6. What would you say is your favorite release that you choreographed? Favorite combo? Any advice for a new instructor? I'm not new to LM just teaching BodyCombat :-)

  7. HI Dan. I am Yumiko from Japan, aka your biggest fan in Japan. :) I have a question regarding jump kicks. I have been practicing evasive side kick and jump knee for a while. I just can't get it. Since I am not an instructor, I know I don't have to do it perfectly like you and Rach. On the other hand, I really want to jump like you and Rach. Sometimes I get so frustrated. Any advice?

  8. Hi Dan, this is Krazy Toshi from Japan. Remember me?
    It is not a talk of 3D-DVD today.

    My question are:
    Much IR does not talk about back-kick tech. Talk about most please.
    and What is the art of the Jumping Evasive Side-kick?

    Anyway, I love BodyCombat and wish splendid Choreo is continued making.


  9. Hi Dan! I love COMBAT!! Here's my questions: Push-kick... feels so strange to me, I come from Japanese Martial Arts and it feels unnatural because I'm not used to it. Is it simply leaning back or is there more to it? (not on The Basics dvd)

    One more question: Can you demonstrate the steps in mastering the jump knee?

  10. Nutrition / food question- how do you all focus on keeping a proper diet? ( ie count calories/ pre-plan meals/ or just understand what your body needs?) Any suggestions on kicking the desire for sweets or focusing on will power when dealing with nutrition? (I'm surrounded by LOADS of high calorie foods when I'm working as medical staff with athletic teams)
    Thanks for your time! Loving the home combat!
    Katie Frick

  11. Hey Dan, I joined Team Beachbody here in the US with a Les Mills Combat package. I can't tell you how much I have loved it so far. I also love Crossfit and was wondering how much of that (if any) you do personally or have incorporated into the strength aspect of the program (HIIT days). Thanks for being an amazing motivator and inspiration! I'm trying to do the same by spreading the good word about you and Combat here in the states!