Sunday, November 15, 2009

Single Arm Shoulder Punch

Name of Move: Single arm shoulder punch" weighted"
How: from kneeling using alternating leg and arm
Muscles used: shoulders, triceps, chest, core
Good for: building power in punch's, core stabilization, conditioning.
Level: depends on how much weight is pushed. Moderate -advanced
Suggested reps: until fatigue
Issues: not enough weight or to much weight. Not core stable and struggle's when performing exercise. Possible slipping of bottom of bar on floor.


  1. Hi Dan!
    Regards from Cyprus and Uruguay :)
    Thanks for all the amazing releases ...loved BC42. Now waiting for 43 end of this month.
    This blog is great...any tip or advice coming from you is most welcomed and valued.
    Hope to see you in Athens in June!


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