Thursday, January 21, 2010


Thought i'd drop a wee line to say Rach and I are super busy rite now, finalizing the new release of BODYCOMBAT44, and it's going very well.
If you read further down the page you will see an insight to our filming schedules.
And this round we are working around the clock as usual to make this release yet another fantastic "magical experience" for the ten's of thousands of instructors who teach the program.
Most days of course are "awesome" ... however we too have the same "man my body is wanting to shut down around about now!" moments.
Rach ,Hernan, and I are on our way to grab a coffee before teaching the release for a second time today and after 3 hours in the mirrors.
So wish us luck wish you were here to enjoy the crazy moments....



  1. Hang in there, bro! You three will knock it out of the box!

  2. I can't wait to see BC 44! I will be joining you guys at the filmings!!! Mirjam

  3. If the BC44 become so good as the 42(I can't speek about the BC43, still waiting for it :D )... well... you're about to become gods... ok... you're gona be gods :p Keep up with the good work... make us reach the heaven... and stay up with the fight ;)

  4. Hernan rocks! I am so proud of him and we are so honored to have him so near you guys! all the best for BC44 filming! you three are a real team already! THANK YOU for all this awesome work together....100% INSPIRING!