Thursday, February 4, 2010


Rach and I are so happy with the running of the evening, the camera crew, the sound guys, the production staff were all excellent.
the tone was set with a very funny M.C role performed by pete maual , a very close and dear friend to ours.
he started with "ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for the "BODYATTACK team!!!??? what!!!
ha ha ha, instant "stop rolling cameras" start again(yes he does deserve a buffalo)
Take 2, please welcome the BODYCOMBAT team!!....
pants on the ground pants on the ground "looking like a fool wiv ya pants on the ground!(awesome)
track 1 was electric with so much energy for a warmup!
for me starting the class that way is actually my favorite, however there are times when you need to create a different energy like when we start with a kata or stretch for example, yet BODYCOMBAT 44 dont start like that!!!
The class went off, no stops, and one fight scene re take so the cameras could get a close up.
it was a huge pleasure to coach along side Rach and Hernan. The hole lead up was very good, training went well and we tried to recover with good nights sleep!!! yea rite "NOT" who needs to sleep man? we can sleep when were gone! so for now live it and go hard baby!.
for those out there reading I'm sure you may know the LESMILLS call? big breath in and...


  1. Brilliant!
    Yeah, the atmosphere in studio one just goes "off the scale" when you guys are filming!

    I reckon it's up to every one of us to try to take a little of that to our own classes.

    If you haven't made it to a filming, Go!

    So, was Pete jiving you? you Attacker you!
    btw... did Alani ever tell you the story of the origin of YUUURRRRrrrr!

  2. Looking forward to u and Rach bringing ur A Game to Canberra QWS in 2 weekends time ... :)

  3. Someday....I'm gonna get over there and attend a taping! :) Looking forward to 43 (should be in the mail to me as I type) and 44. Understand there's a bit of ground work? Looking forward to seeing how you guys brought that to the class in a big way! PS - Almost had them hurling after we did "Neckbreaker" tonight. It's a classic.

  4. Applause, Applause.

    ...and did BodyCombat 44 take on a life of its own? Looking forward to 43 and 44!

  5. I look forward to seeing all this!
    And deeply the boot camp!

  6. sabby1980@hotmail.comFebruary 9, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    Sounds great! I can't wait :)
    But first... BC 43 of course. Our release is on the 26th of March.

    6, 7 & 13th March I'm going to the Les Mills instructor training course! *yay*

    I heard it quite a tough course... so... any tips to get more fit these coming 4 weeks? :)
    I attend 3x Body Combat classes a week & 3x Body Pump classes a week...


  7. If there is one thing I am to do before my body crumbles...and that is to get to a filming session in NZ. What an amazing chance to experience the transformation of Body Combat since the days of Natha and Gabby. Body Combat 42 kicked ass absolutely best ever muai thai track in the history of track 7's...if the bar continues to be raised BC43...44...45 god help us all!