Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rachaels recent fight

On saturday the 13th march 2010 a relentless warrior walked into the ring focussed and ready for battle.
A full fight of heavy blows with 10 oz gloves shook the the room as each shot landed with devastation and a screaming reaction from more than 300 fans screaming for the girls to kick harder and push the pace.
The lead up to the fight covered around 9 weeks of sparring, fitness, conditioning, speed work and pads. Most nights my self now named doctor dan! had to attend to the "foot rub" or can you get the ice ready! As each night simply took its tool on the lovely Rach.
to stand and "BANG" does have its down sides.
Thru all the excitement Rach remained humbles as always with the one goal in mind.. to complete again another huge task. However after each busted toe or bruised rib, Rach still stood tall and carried on.
She thanks me for the support and Im like "derrr silly! Im to afraid not to support you!" ha ha ha..
she cut originally from 63kg to 59kg but 6 days before the fight was asked to cut to 57kg. Now i gotta tell you all just like my fight the weekend before, cutting weight is not easy especially if you walk around pretty lean and healthy all year! there is a real risk of loosing strength and muscle thru cutting to quick as well as being to dehydrated.
yet we both cut and performed well, gotta love adrenaline baby.
on the friday night we met Rachael's opponent who looked bloody mean as! her camp brought the "heavy's" rough faced and full of tattoos but Rach and i looked back and smiled, because no matter the intimidation it always ends up on who commits most on the night!
Rach went to bed that night calm and and focussed on sleeping well and saving her energy.
Saturday morning we went for a walk on the beach and chilled until 4pm when it was time to get i the right head space as by 9pm that night the fight would have been over.
we arrived at the venue and half of auckland city and every "hard bastard" had arrived! i took Rach to her changing room and just kept her head in the right space. she listened to her ipod, and stayed warm. she was fight number 8 of the night so no rush to oil up and hands wrapped.
There were some sick fights all fighters put on an excellent show for CITYKICKBOXING it was a great success.
3 fights before i got Rach stretched and ready, Thailand oil on and skin burning hot, its important when warming up before a fight that its stays exactly that!"warm up" not a work out, so just 3 rounds on the pads slow got her blood pumping.
Rach was very calm the whole day! even as her name was being called...
her song comes on the crowd is screaming, my self Doug and Eugene in her corner. Rach looks at me and says the most bizzare thing any one has ever said before a fight???
"DAN TOMORROW IM GONNA BAKE SOME CHOC COOKIES WITH A GOOEY CENTRE!" i smiled and we walked out to the ring! She's one krazy cat i tell ya.
the out come was awesome Rach won all 3 rounds but was hit hard on the button 30seconds into round 1 which shook her and made her legs go to jelly! the crowd went silent... Rach did a quick self check and smile the crowed went nutts! as she went kick ass on her opponent! it was a WAR!! round 2 Rach was creative with her combo's not landing very heavy but landed well, the bell went, but like i said it was a WAR!!, and neither fighter wanted to stop?? the referee had to brake them up.
Round 3 rach really got her flow on, good foot work but drop her hands, she took several more heavy blows but sh'es a warrior and came back with body kicks, legs kicks and good hands, the bell went to finish the fight, but neither wanted to stop! Rach land's the last punch and the crowds screams with excitement. as the ring M.C announces the winner Rach puts her hand in the air and just stays there as her name gets called out.. it was awesome after an insane display of heart im so very proud of my wife.


  1. wow!! Dan!!! Rach!!! :D
    Dan-it's great reading you :D
    Rach - once more - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Guys - can't find a word to say what I'm feeling right now :D "Push it!Push it!!Out of control!" and "I'm ready to explode!!" (I'm with 43 now :D ) OR IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING :D
    ThX for that....

  2. This is the stuff champions are made of, you were this before Rach and Dan and now even more so. HUGE congratulations to you both, 2 weekends of pure focussed adrenaline. Love you two always. Jac and Baz x

  3. Awesome Rach. I am so proud of you!! Les Mills forever.

  4. Love your work guys, both for Les Mills and the work you put in to this blog, Thanks a lot for GREAT inspiration - Dan and Rach, YOu ARE THE REAL DEAL!!!!

    - Leon Hobro, Les Mills Nordic

  5. My God, you guys are just amazing!
    I'm totally in awe of Rach. Huge congrats to her, she's a real fighter (as are you). Thanks so much for sharing Dan, that was a great read!

    Huge hug from Denmark

  6. Whow! :) I am so crazy about seeing Rach in action! She is totally the real deal and so are you Dan... You guys totally rule! I am a BC and BB Instructor in Portugal, I had the oportunity to meet Rach in Aveiro but was not aware that you guys fight! It is the real deal! I am so proud! I see the Contender and K1Japan, and practise Kickboxing and Muay Thai here in Portugal! You guys rock! Totally cool! Thanks Dan!

  7. Wow, congrats Rach!! Awesome stuff. Thanks for the story, Dan. Both of you guys are proper martial artists and real fighters with spirit. Very inspirational, glad to have you guys lead the BC program, you really are perfect for it.

  8. Awesome stuff, Rach! Trick to train those hands to stay up: Gaffer tape them securely together at wrists, keeping them normal guard apart and roll with the motions in training. Every time they drop, hook em over the top of your head and roll with your elbows. One hand trainings the same do drill's with one hand tied to your head..Sounds CRAZY huh??? But it works. Can't wait to see how Combat will change and grow now you've had a fight!!!! P.S.Dan your a great story teller

  9. Love the audacity! CHOC COOKIES!!!
    Rach, just what were you thinking?

    Nothing like the sobering heavy knock to the head to give you a bit of serious focus.

    But when the bell goes, it's just one more hit eh!...

    But crikey girl... working the crowd too! That's some serious work you're doin' there.

  10. awesome rach, this gave me tingles reading it. dan you must be so proud of her i nearly cried for you. is there anyway to watch the fight??

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  12. Argh this was wicked to word of a lie, I was gripped!

    Go Rachael...Im jelous of the cookies :)

    Wheres the follow button....?


  13. I just have to agree with all the rest :-)
    Rachel and Dan:-) You rock and you are the real deal:-)
    I love to read about your fights and workouts...

    Keep it up an "stay with the fight"

  14. Wow she is one hell of a fighter that one! Crazy, awesome and beautiful- best combo! xx

  15. That is absolutely incredible - you both inspire so many people every day to just do MORE! Congrats to both of you on great fights!

  16. well done rach! how were the cookies?

  17. Well done Rach, your a champ! I love how combat is becoming more and more authentic. Awesome is the only word to describe the combo of dan and rach!

  18. I watched this video and that was wonderful because I could see the way they motivate themselves in order to become excellent fighters, I'm gonna take some tips.

  19. Great pics and keep the awesome work. You are definitely going to make it big someday!

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