Tuesday, June 22, 2010

EURO SUMMIT 2010 baby!

The euro summit held in athens was with out a doubt mindblowing!.
often you will read "the best ever" or the 1st time in history" ha ha,
so ill be no different in writing about this amazing trip. now 1st a wee history in why this trip took place.
Once per year LMI for the last.. well ive bee apart of lesmills and the one tribe for nearly 14 yrs now, so im pretty sure that the 1st euro summit was held 13 yrs ago.
the summit is a opportunity for trainers around europe to be upskilled in ares of
2)any of our 5 keys
3)an opportunity to show case something new within the industry
4)for friends to re-connect
this particular summit had shy of 300 ppl, and oh my gosh was it full of electricity. the love that the Europeans have for each other and the support there share is very inspiring and can help being caught up in the " BUZZZ" of it all.
i cant possibly name all but!
UK,PORTUGAL,FRANCE,RUSSIA,CYPRUS,GREECE, etc: just makes my heart feel with enjoyment when we meet.
The BODYCOMBAT stream this year was extremely strong, with an overwhelming superior technique in the room, not to mention how in excellent shape all the trainers were! RACH and I were very very very proud of how serious these trainers take there job. And personally how pleased we are of how they have really improved.
There were many stand out presenters who defiantly will be on a DVD.
i'd like to put a shout out for some people who blew me away in there pure talent!
basil from AUE in BODYCOMBAT
howard and deloris from the UK in BODYPUMP
Andrew from the UK presented an awesome track in BODYVIVE
also shout outs for people who were just so amazing to chat to:
(again everyone really really really was)
,yanick,everton,dave,grandad,shey,david C (Scotsman),alex,steve,jackie,mops,george,godzilla,neo,sarah, the list just goes on!!
love you all very much.

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  1. Looks like a blast!! Thanks for sharing and posting all the video clips! Really looking forward to the BodyCombat AIM and seeing everyone in Atlanta!!! Texas hugs!