Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BODYCOMBAT 47 filming

Yep its time! 48 hrs and we film BODYCOMBAT 47.
With so many fantastic international and national guest's in town, this filming is being set to be a spectacular event. Combined with the New Zealand work shops "GFX" BODYCOMBAT 47 has the vibe of a Poisson, Gun's n Rose's, and a michael jackson concert all rolled in to one.
hundreds will be there and with BODYCOMBAT 47 as the opener, we get to set the filming standard.
also on the same day i get to showcase our new edgy core program along with corey and susan.
cant wait for friday!
keep it real and stay with the fight.
dan and rach.

1 comment:

  1. hey dan, hoop all went well with bc47. i'm teaching bc 45 now and i love it! super energy, good music, great workout. 6 night's of sleep and then we have a party here in holland. MEGAQ!! can't wait for bc 46. i hope i can meet you (and rach) one day. maybe next year here in holland? have a good sleep.

    kris xx