Monday, January 17, 2011

524am!up and Headin to BODYPUMP ..
Tell me what time do u guyz train?
And what type of training?

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  1. best training moment of the day is for me around 9/10am!

  2. I'm all over the map...

    Today Flow @ 8, Pump @ 9 then Combat @ 10

    Tomorrow I'm teaching Combat at 5:30 AM and then Tuesday at 6:30 PM

    It goes on like this all week (though mostly afternoon/evening).

  3. I train 4 days in the week.
    On Monday Bodypump @07:30 pm
    Tuesday I do body combat @ 06:30 pm, Pump @ 07:30 pm and zumba @ 08.30 pm. So three hours total on Tuesday.
    Then Wednesday 2 hours zumba @ 07:30 and @ 08:30.
    And on Thursday Body combat @ 06.45 and if it is possible also after that spinning.
    People are complaining to me that i do to much. Is this training crazy for someone who is female and is 18 years old?
    I don't have problems with it. An it feels good at the end. I hope to hear.

    Keep it real and stay with the fight.

  4. I train at different times depending on the day but everyday is either and hour and half work out or two hour workout. I always train hard, lots plyos, lifting, and interval training. This keeps me in shape for Combat and Pump. 47 and still feel strong.

  5. awesome john, keep it up.. john how many meals do you eat per day?
    sharon, no i dont think its to much! i always default to iron man staus.. those guys n girls go hard for 6,7, even 8, hours training sessions..!
    i think perhaps it comes down to intensity, how fit YOU are..
    you could spread the load out thru into friday or saturday? however your time frame may be busy?
    yip plyo's, lifting interval training is awesome.. do u do any sprints? maybe drop one lifting session (not sure how many you do?) and replace with sprints, hill sprints? pump's got you covered unless your lifting session are complex, heavy sets?
    loving the info team keep them coming.
    I love to chat fitness.

  6. Monday Teach Body Combat and some light strength work
    Tuesday Muay Thai and solo intervals/warrior workout or whatever I come up with, usually 8-10 exercises done 1.5 mins x 4 rds or teach body combat
    Wed Teach Body Pump and pad holding for my MMA boot campers (ouch it hurts the traps bad)drill work and then Muay Thai
    Thurs Muay Thai
    Fri Teach Body Combat and Body Pump
    Sat attend Muay Thai boot camp= lots of bag work and plyo drills
    Sun rotates teach pump, combat or off day
    It's so much fun, loving the body combat journey, thanks for your inspiration!!!

  7. Monday - friday in the morning, body combat, dance or strength training. Btw you and your wife are the cutest ever!
    Greetings from Finland

  8. Sunday - I teach cycle at 8am then ride indoors or outside for at least another 2 hours.
    Monday - Teach Combat then Pump.
    Tuesday - rest day (hardest day of the week)
    Wednesday - practice Flow, teach Combat
    Thursday - early morning interval run. Teach Flow then Pump in the evening.
    Friday - Teach 5am cycle class, practice Flow.
    Saturday - run 6, Teach Pump.

    Keeping strong!