Thursday, January 6, 2011

In chore Room goin hard with BP78 BC48 and CX30 3!! My brain is bouncing of the wall but can't stop " magic never sleeps" get a bodyby VAUX!

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Location:LMI head office


  1. Hi
    When are we going to see this in the UK?

  2. And is there going to be a module training wise like the other programs?

  3. good luck with that Dan!!

  4. Yeah.. more BC on the way ^__^

  5. i hope the program will reach all countries. for further info regarding release dates ect: please contact your countries agent.
    yes there is module training, and its a very exciting and a different style of learning than that from our other modules.
    yip , BODYCOMBAT will keep coming with even more martial arts inspired moves coming.
    CX30 is the name given to the revolutionary core training program
    A 30min express class using bodyweight, resistance tube and edgy innovative exercise's . combined with main stream music and familiar sounds, CX30 is all about the RESULTS. awesome.

  6. Hi Dan this program will arrive here in Brazil too? Success here to tell you greetings from Brazil