Wednesday, April 6, 2011


BODYCOMBAT 49 is in the bag!!
I'm a happy boy today

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  1. Did bodycombat 49 tonight :) thought it was great, pretty sure I won't be able to lift my arms and shoulders tomorrow but so worth it. It's such a good release, u and Rach do such an amazing job, so inspiring :)

  2. Congratulations Dan (and Rach)! I'm glad to hear another release is on the way.

    We launch BODYCOMBAT 47 this coming Sunday. Last weekend we previewed a few tracks from it for a charity event at our gym and heard some really positive feedback. People are excited! I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us, you do a great job.

    On another note, a friend of mine is a CX30 trainer. I was at her house last week and we did a couple tracks (Closer, Everybody Everybody). Great stuff! I think she's trying to tease it a little with plans to get me into a training.

    Thanks, Dan!

  3. Hip Hip hurreyyyyyyyyyy! And I'm twice excited for this release because our Head Trainer (Greece - George "Iceman" Efthimiou), will be on that DVD. Kia Kahaaaaaaaaa

  4. Congratulations!!... and now.. what will you do until May the 2nd?? Have a rest amigo! ^^

  5. hahaha!! another yet!!?? And does not weight too much that bag?? xD (29 combats!!!) O.o we are waiting the huge 50th!!! Gracias!! =)

  6. Two trial...
    I think I found my favourite track !!!
    So much smart and catchy !!!
    Can do 10 BC after this one !!!
    Thank Woowoowoowoo !!!