Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chest suicide

Team try it !...
The heavier the weight the more u blow out!..
And essentially that's the aim of this game!
Bench press x25 reps heavy barbell
Then quickly hit the ground and do 1 pushup on your toes.
No brakes
Quickly do bench press x24 reps
Then x2 pushups
Bench press x23
Pushups x3
Keep going with no brakes until u have done all the sets dropping to x1 bench press
And x 25 pushups
.. It will take around 20 minutes plus to perform.. If your quicker then your lifting far to light!..
You need to blow out at least 6 or 7 times that makes u get off the bench and walk around telling your self off! Haha self projection much??? Good luck and leave comments

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  1. you are realy crasy . i wil tray it tomorrow :p
    Best Regarts from Chile

  2. Just made it. I needed nearly forty minutes to finish it with my pump weight. the first third (from 25 to 18) was ok, i began to make more and more pushups on my knees. And for the last it was only knees pushups and i discovered a new move: you can roll from the bench to the floor to make your push ups.
    I can bet i will hate you tomorrow morning

  3. Yeap did it and got a tap on the shoulder from a dude telling me I'm crazy fit haha - Shot Dan!!!

  4. Awsome man!!!! Did it today!!! Incredible...Give us more tips about trainings like these!!!

    Samuel from Brazil!!!

  5. hi Dan - what sort of what weight are you talking for a fit strong man?