Sunday, May 15, 2011


What would b your perfect BODYCOMBAT 50 playlist? Our dream will b putting 2gether a half century release full of magic.It's drivin me crazy

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  1. Hey Dan how are you? This is Andre, brazilian that works in Jakarta (Marcos' friend). Can't wait for BC 50, would be perfect to have some new versions of the old school songs. Songs like "Kung Fu Fighting" from release 9 :) All the best making this release bro. My regards for Rach.

  2. Killing it with Excalibur wouldn't be so bad ;P Tracks with clear themes and loads of attitude :) Either way you guys are doing a great job!


  3. Heyyo Dan, two older things that never made it to BC are Goose with 'Black Gloves (Featuring Marcus Graap)' (2x, 1 for each side), or 'Bring It On (Tronik Youth Edit)', and The Presets with 'My People (Vincent Nine Brutal Extended Mix)' and 'Are You The One?', which serve fine with my own improvised combos on the boxing bag. But there're some massive new releases out: just this week Loops of Furxy 'I Need' , and I do love The Shoes' 'Wastin' Time (Tom Stephan Remix)'. The 'Krieg' remix album of KMFDM would also serve fine, trax like 'Davai (Bloody Fog Mix by Assemblage 23)'. Hope it's not for licensing costs that you look for 'old', The Young Punx do a 'You vs. the YP' project that should be pretty license free with epic trax as 'Glitch Punx (The Young Punx VS The Glitch Mob)' by Mango & Simon Iddol - just an idea. And ever thought of progressive, to revolutionize BC? Vaishiyas 'Axon and John (Interactive Noise Rmx)', Neelix vs. Felguk 'Disco Decay (Jones Rmx)', or Felguk 'Do You Like Bass 2009 (Original Mix)' could serve for Power trainings and not just some 9 and 10s. Whatever, I'm sure you'll make it epic, so stay with the fight!!

  4. Muay thai in the way of Hit 'em from bc 24 would be really apreciated....

  5. When is the filming for BodyCombat 50?

  6. Speaking of Mortal Kombat, Eufeion's made a brand new hardcore remix: ! :D

  7. Hi Dan. There's no need to say that you and Rach are the best instructor ever been on the Earth :-) By the way. Very good tracks are: track 4 (we will survive) from BC37 and track 7 (Speed) from BC40. A well combo could be: triple elbow of muay thay + double cross. How about that? Looking forward for your new release. Best regards to you and the mythical Rachel. Francesco.

  8. Hi!
    I hope you don't mean that you're going to reuse songs or are doing an awesome job with both music and choreography, but after three months it's enough, so an whole release with already used songs doesn't feels that good. I saw that there is an extra track in BP, it would be awesome if you had one track extra that would be perfect to change with a 2 or a 4. Those are the tracks that often feels boring after a while.
    You're awesome, will I see you on super saturday in sweden this september?
    Best regards to you and Rach!

  9. Hi Dan, I am Lourdes. I'm from Argentina. I love BC, but I do not like when you repeat the songs. I would love to listen to a relax to this song: In The Arms Of An Angel (Sarah McLachlan). It's really beautiful ...
    Rach and you are great, are unique, the best!

  10. I'd love to hear Kung Fu Fighting again!!
    Maybe at the warmup or something
    i think its important to reuse some songs,
    its the history of this program!

  11. Hmm.. :) Quite surprisingly, I have a suggestion for track 9 or 10 :p

    "2012" by Jay Sean (ft Nicki Minaj). It's a happy positive song, and it could also be a great welcoming of the new year, 2012 :)(BC will be out around December 2011, yes?)

  12. I have another one!!! How about... taramtatatam:

    The Scorpions - Rock you like a Hurricane :))

    I can so totally see it in Combat, if you like it of course :pp :)

    Hm.. and since you made a start with MJ in BC 48.. I would also really enjoy to see Man in the Mirror as let's say track 10.

  13. She's got the look - Roxette :)

  14. Hello Dan & Rachel! I would like this new mix of Body Combat has some of the songs I'm going to suggest:
    Express Yourself (Madonna)
    Go West (Pet Shop Boys)
    4 Minutes (Madonna feat Justin Timberlake)
    Losing my Religion (REM)
    On The Floor (Jennifer Lopez)
    Whats love got to Do With It (Tinna Turner)
    Walk Of Life (Dire Straits)
    The Final Countdown (yes.. again hahaha) (The Europa)
    Uptown Girl (Westlife)
    Toop Toop (Cassius)
    Im Gonna Getcha (Shania Twain)
    Vostochnie Skazki (Blestjashie feat Arash)
    Ameno (Era)
    For Ever Young (Alpheville)
    Maniac (Michael Sembello)
    Youre my Heart, Your My Soul (Modern Talking)
    Ruby (Kaiser Chiefs)
    Mistify- Tears never apart (INXS)
    Maria Magdalena (Sandra)
    Gangstas Paradise(Coolio)
    It Must Have Been Love (Roxette)
    Hollywood (Madonna)
    La Isla Bonita (Madonna)
    Hunter- Thank You- White Flag (DIDO)
    Keep On Movin (Five)
    All The Things She Said (t.A.T.u)
    Ala Ala (Tarkan Simarik)
    Don´t Know Why (Norah Jones)
    Celebration (Madonna)
    Revolver (Madonna)
    Stereo Love (Edward Maya feat Alicia)
    J´y Suis Jamais Alle (Amelie)
    Les Jours Tristes (Amelie)
    New Sensation (INXS)
    Shake (The Clock)
    Thunderstruck (AC/DC)
    The Roof Is On Fire (The Grim Reaper)
    The 6th Gate (Dougal & Gammer)
    Hit 'Em (Tha Playah)
    Kickin Hard (Brooklyn Bounce)
    Reach Out (Maximum)
    Sea Of Love (Frisco)
    The Pretender (Foo Fighters)
    Enter Sandman (Metallica)
    Man! I Feel Like A Woman (Shania Twain)
    Move Your Body (Eifferl 65)
    The Passanger (Sousie and the Banshees)
    Take On Me (Ah Ha)
    Stronger Enough (Cher)
    Believe (Cher)
    Peace (Depeche Mode)
    Where Do You Go? (No Mercy)
    Lady Mermelade (Christina Aguilera)
    If I Were A Boy (Beyonce)
    Feel Good Inc (Gorillaz)
    Everything Counts (Depeche Mode)
    Bring Me to Life (Evanescence)
    Open Arms (Tinna Turner)
    Well, I hope they serve! already! are many! hahaha! for the next i would suggest more!

  15. Hi Dan,

    We have just begun our 3 weeks of BC 48!!! and i must say the tracks are good :D i especially like track 5 as its back to good ol' techno...:) can i just suggest that the techno tracks make a comeback? especially for muay thai... track like 6th gate.... going insane... :D


  16. Avril Lavigne - What the hell (track 5 maybe)
    Nicole Scherzinger - Don't hold your breath (for track 9? :)

  17. I would definetly like to see a theme in Body Combat 50, as it is a half century release.

    Something that fits into where BC is right now in 2011.

  18. Whatever you do Dan, it has got to be EPIC. Every track 110%, on fire, fierce, and fabulous. You haven't let us down yet, so I trust that whatever you put together will be something that we instructors will go back to over and over again (like BC 39- Canadians love this one!).

  19. Don't stop believin - Journey

  20. Hi!! I'm Lourdes (again) hahahaha... I insist ... I would like
    "In The Arms Of An Angel (Sarah McLachlan)" Track 10 - Cool Down

  21. Poem to a Horse- Shakira

  22. Hello! I am Brazilian and I love BodyCombat. But I hope that this research does not mean that you will repeat songs and choreography as seen previously suggested. The success of the program is on new challenges and current songs. That's what we need. There is no merit in a familiar mix. To celebrate this moment we need something new, striking and fun.
    You are great, competent, creative and will surely make an excellent mix to celebrate this event.

  23. warm up mix 23 ,the best song ever......amazing...

  24. I will like to have in BC 50 Lord of the rings,(the colddown in BC25) and Rock me Amadeus (track 4 in BC 30).

  25. I will like to have in BC 50 Lord of the rings,(the colddown in BC25) and Rock me Amadeus (track 4 in BC 30).

  26. Kia Ora Dan!

    How about an anniversary CD of past tracks like they did with Pump a few years back? that way you can have a new release and an anthology!

    Love to Rach! Keep it real!!

  27. a french drama brotherJuly 12, 2011 at 11:58 AM

    never too late to make your ears happy and shake your head...

    1.a) Blue - Bloom 06 -Droidz remix - Ultimate NRG 5
    1.b) Cryin'in the rain - italo brother - Ib handsup!radio edit - clubland 19
    2.) Take it off - The donas
    3.) 10 minutes - inna - breeze and klubfiller remix - clubland hardcore 7
    4.) In and out of love -armin van buuren -klubfiller remix - Ultimate NRG 5
    5.) love song - sy and unknown Feat. JT - clubland hardcore 7
    6.) Mary Mary - Chumbawamba - Stigmata Soundtrack
    7) I Want to be a Hippy - Technohead v Recon - Hardcore Till I Die 3
    8.) Since you been gone - Daruso - Klubfiller remix - Hardcore Till I Die 3
    9.) Don't stop the party - Black eyed peas
    10.) Walk on - U2

    not so bad ???

    I know BC50 will be better, you're magic and always challenge yourselves...

  28. I'm sure whatever you guys do will be awesome but... Everyone in the UK seems to be loving the 'new' style of track 5's - Heavy beat and uplifting sounds - and tough! Would also love to see another epic Muay Thai like Excalibur from BC42. Not sure bringing back too many 'old' tracks for release 50 would be so good but as someone suggested a one off 'anniversay' mix (seperate to BC50) would be good fun. I know there are lots of Combat instructors here who would love to be able to go back to some of the really old stuff - but can no longer get the cds.

    Looking forward to it already.

    Lynne (UK)

  29. Dan,
    More capoeira please. Spitfire and Boom (here comes the) are serious leg busters.

  30. Hello Dan!

    I'm quite late, but I want to say this still: someday I hope to do JiggaJigga (BC 25) again!! It is and it will always be THE BEST TRACK EVER!!! There are so many combatters who don't know that track and that's shame!!!

    Of course I can do it whenever I want, but how about those million other combat lovers?!

    Greetings from Finland!


  31. And Prodigy works EVERYTIME!!!!


  32. anything by the Vines (I know they're Aussies), but Ride, Outtatheway and Get Free are made for combat

  33. Dan,

    You can't, it's very simple, everybody has it's own favourite songs. Every quarter in the last month I create a complete lesson out off previous lessons for my instructor. But off course every time with tracks I realy like and I experience that the workout is more intense because you like the music. Maybe a suggestion, I made a lesson with all Scooter tracks. Maybe you ( or Rachel ) should make a lesson containing tour all time favourite tracks.

    Kind regards from the Netherlands,