Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Work out" fast"

This is called saki

Pushups 30 seconds
Burpee 30 seconds
Ski squats 30 seconds
Jump squats 30 seconds
Cross over push up 30 seconds
Burpee 30 seconds
I min recover
X3 sets = 12 mins

Left static lunge x1 min
Squat 30 seconds
Jumps squats 30 seconds
Right lunge x1 min
1 min recover
X2 sets = 8 mins

Burpee x3 tuck jump x3 1min
Alternating T- pushup 1 min
Crunches 1 min
1 min recover
X1min = 4 mins

Total 24 min work out
Do in morning and late arvo

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Location:New Zealand


  1. Doing this this a.m. Can't wait!!! Keep these coming!

  2. Did this, this morning. The legs LOVED it! Thanks for sharing.