Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog upgrade is coming

Hi everyone
So, once I've filmed BODYCOMBAT 51 and CXWORX 6
This blog will be getting an upgrade..
A new fresh interactive look that will offer lots of awesome never been seen b4 video footage..
Video information blog
And much much more..
What info would u all like to see and why?
Remember you can still can a huge amount of awesome info on the Lesmills web site
Is there some other info you would like to see..
Thanks everyone
I'll be collecting this feed back for around 35 days before changes are made.
Please feel Free to spread the word as I'd like as much feed back as possible so I can do my best to give you what you would like.

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  1. I would like to see: exactly what you just mentioned.
    Some video blogs about your life maybe, like what kind of nutrition you take, how you train and maybe some pictures from NZ and the Les Mills building.

  2. I second that! I always love learning the history behind the martial arts and/or certain strikes or techniques. Also about your training and diet/supplementation. Love your work!

  3. Please also add a mobile theme so your site looks good on my smartphone.

  4. i would love to see all the things that all of you mentioned above, and also, i would love to see how a BC mix is born, i mean, the backstage.

  5. Im sure whatever you do is going to be off the hook! Cant wait to see videos and definatly the bloopers, we are all human and if we cant laugh at ourselves where would we be ehh! Maybe have a weekly or monthly challenge to make us better stronger combaters:)

  6. ALSO would like to see nutrition habits.

  7. I would like to see ... more exercises for the abdomen. I can not reduce it yet.
    I want to see the type of foods to eat.
    and New Zealand images and photos of Les Mills gym. and to know more about his life.

  8. Yeah some backstage footage !! Would be great !!!And i think we all like to see how a combat is made !! And a mobile version like Darren said !!

  9. Bloopers for sure! I'd like to see a way in which we could get you over to Canada to do a class, AIM2, or maybe attend our practice for some tips and training. Like a contest, draw, or challenge of some sort.

  10. I second everyone's ideas!! Plus one or two tips of exercise for being fit and diet.

  11. A weekly physical or mental challenge would be awesome! Example, in your class this week try xxx. Or perhaps a great shoulder smashing workout, plyo challenge etc. Something that we would try to do each week to improve physically and mentally to be better for our classes and ourselves and step out of our comfort zone.

  12. A weekly section of your training exercises and build phases would be fantastic.

    It's refreshing to see a fitness expert demonstrate fact against fiction that you can incorporate rigorous cardio with muscle size gains.