Friday, November 4, 2011


Hi warriors.

So the filming for BODYCOMBAT 51 is in the bag. And even though you will not see it for 3-6 months , Rach and I will soon start on the next release for BODYCOMBAT 52.
It takes 3 months to finalize the music and this will be a real tight round due the December January brakes.
I found 5 songs yesterday that would be awesome for a track 9 and a few warm up sounds.
However you know what I'd really like but I just can find it any were....
I'd so love a hard rock remix of the theme tune from the movie the A TEAM!!! Or a techno version.
Also we have found a DJ mix at 170 bpm version of superman with a hardcore riff, but it' sounds to fast and frantic. So any one out there knows how to get legal versions of these songs then they may just end up on a playlist.
Feel free to leave a comment thanks.
Also please go to and give us your feed back to each release there to.



  2. Hey Dan, not really one of the tracks you were looking for, but I have always thought this would be awesome in combat or pump. Kinda short so it would probably have to be done twice. Sorry for the stupid 30 second ad beforehand, I hate that youtube does that now.

  3. We desperately need NoFX and Hatebreed in Combat, it's way overdue. I can post links to songs if that's the most convenient way?


    There's a cd available with all remixes. Not sure if U can use any of em.

    Wouldn't it be easier to commission some synthesizer DJ to mix the track for you? Customised track for Bodycombat like BC3's BAD ?

  5. Here's a Handz Up trance remix of the A Team Theme. :P

  6. The legal part is what makes it tough, right?

    Anyway, this is from iTunes (it's a remix album, 3 songs, all A-Team):

    Seems like it may be a little light for Combat, though.

    I'm trying to find something heavier, like this guy on YouTube. Clearly not his own but I think it's the right idea...



    I think this would be a great song for track 9 its a bit like I Can Transform Ya from BC 45 with the BASS

  8. More A-Team options:

  9. Hmmm??? A-TEAM now you have me thinking :-)

  10. A-team
    very cool from 1'17 to 1'50
    well... very less cool for the rest of the song, urgent need for aspirin!
    slow remix, but really hot...

    so, movie theme

    terminate your shoulders

    souvenir and surprise
    love his hilarious gesture...