Wednesday, November 9, 2011


CXWORX really is changing the world one core at a time.

After recent studies lead by Bryce Hastings here in New Zealand
We found CXWORX really is doing some amazing things.
Tell me about your experiences with CXWORX ?
1) how long have you been teaching?
2) which move have you adapted to the most?
3) is there a move that fatigues you very quickly and you coach the less intense option each time you teach that track?
4) are there any specifics themes coming thru from your members? Example we want more crunches or tubing really challenges me?
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  1. 1) I've been teaching CXWORX in the Netherlands since mid May, starting with release 02. So thats almost half a year now.

    2) Not quite sure what you mean by this question. I like the versatility of CXWORX which was something I was sceptical about at first ... how can they keep it fresh. But you have.

    If the question is "what move have you changed" then the answer is none. We teach every move and option available on the DVD. Sometimes we add even less intense options (shorter working angles) or stronger options such as lifting the back arm in the first part of track 5 in release 04.

    We do sometimes modify the choreography a bit. As quite a few people in CXWORX come straight from the gym and not from other Les Mills classes it's sometimes quite challenging to follow all the moves for them. Especially if the exercises are short. A gradual build up in a track (like pretty much all track 2's) works fantastic with them. They train more, and stop to look at us less. We took the short oblique sequence out of track 1 (release 04) for instance and build up step by step to the full c-crunch, before going to the leg drops. Track 5 in release 04 works really well for many people. Track 04 in that release has people tied in knots and took some weeks for them to get in to the sequence, even with pre-queing wherever we could.

    3) Hovers and side planks are generally where the big 'autsj' moments are. I've gotten used to them myself and love them. My recurring clients also see themselves grow and get better at it, which is a feeling they enjoy massively. But it's quite a challenge at times to coach new people in such a way that they aren't put off by the intensity, even in knees options.

    4) Our current base of CXWORX clients just love the workout. Once they got used to the moves and felt improvements they just keep on smiling. Lots of positive feedback each release with clients aging from 16 to 64.

    The biggest problem we have with CXWORX is getting the people out of the gym into the class and not giving up after one or two sessions. While the training would be ideal in addition to their weight training, many just don't seem to want to put in real effort and come up with excuses really easy.

    Personally I've seen massive improvements in the ability to use my strenght more effectively and more controlled because of my stronger core.

    Our classes are slowly growing in numbers, but we have work to do to change many more cores!


  2. I've been teaching since release three here in the states.
    I've adapted best to the side planks, release 4 track 5 bonus 'speechless' is my favorite so far!!
    The tough move for me is the hover when adding arm movement into it, I will show the lower level option but will come back to the higher option.
    As far as themes with the members overall the tube work is confusing at first but with work and careful cueing once they feel it and are confident the work hard. They really seem to like the challenge of the tube and being able to use props such as the tube to work their core!
    Hope this helps, thanks for all you do! Looking forward to changing more cores:)

  3. 1) Since April 2011.
    2) I love love love the standing strength tracks and adapt to them most quickly. But you can always coach yourself and the class deeper into the movements and still get huge results/benefits.
    3) Track 2 kills me every time! It takes me weeks of practicing/teaching a new release to get to the point where I can do all of track 2 w/ the advanced options. But I love experiencing the progress and I love seeing it in my participants.
    4) Overall our participants just love this program. Many of them do it 2-3 times a week and it's getting more men into our group ex studios, too. The thing I've heard most is that people love experiencing the progress from week to week. Example: "Last week I couldn't do that move or I didn't feel like where I should have, but tonight I got it." Also, I've heard from several members who are "beginners"/new to fitness/very deconditioned that they love the resistance tube. Great piece of equipment and people seem to love learning all the new ways to use it.

    This class is the hardest class I've ever taught/taken, but the payoff is huge. Keep it comin', Dan.

  4. Fantastic insightful feed back so far . Thank you very much

  5. 1) I've been teaching since release 3 here in the U.S.
    2) Side planks, yet I find participants seem to really struggle with maintaining them with good form.
    3) Hovers with arm or toes moving always challenging - when you add in both at the same time it's just killer! The guys in our class LOVE them, and on that note in our gym (a Y in Maryland) even with Pump (our only other LM program) we don't consistently get guys in class. CX has CHANGED that! We often have 1-2 regular guys and often 5. They LOVE it!
    4) The tubing really surprises them. They often start a track with the tubing and comment at the end how surprised they are at how challenging it was. I just overheard (in the free weight area) the other night a participant telling another member "Have you tried that CX class? You should - it's so hard. It's amazing!" Overall the general impression in our gym is fantastic; the members LOVE it. I've found I try to read each group in each class - and if there are a lot of new people I give all options but try to spend a bit more time myself in the lower range so the new folks don't feel defeated, but I always show the higher option - then return to the lower option if I see folks struggling. I've found members seem to walk away with a greater sense of achievement, the desire to return - and the options to make it harder as they get stronger.

  6. Certified on CX03...I had T4 (Let me think about it) tubes....I will never ever under estimate tubing again!!! Just that I was coming from 5 years of Body Combat & this is my 2nd LM certif...I am humbled to say the least.

    LOVE IT! The members love it as well. I found on release 04 that #5 was prob the toughest on me especially side planking and trying to navigate the legs forward and back (no options)...was very challenging.. I have discovered thru that a weaker side of my own...which is good..because I have been able to focus on that to improve my own strength...

    I love the bonus tracks and how you have given us practically a whole "release" with the combined bonus track off CX03 and CX04 -

    I agree with Astew above, showing lower options to members is important, esp the newer ones who feel defeated easily...they are the ones who will come back with friends when they see, and feel the results...and when the instructor makes it work for everyone. I am very confident teaching this program, and am sensitive to the Combat and CX!! Keep up the awesome "behind the scenes" work...we appreciate all the "fiber" you put into the programs! :D Golds Gym, Virginia

  7. Just gone for training last month on release 4 - no class to teach yet as only one gym in Malaysia currently has it (and they limit it to their in-house instructors only!). I speak for everyone else in the batch from around the country & Singapore.

    Looking forward for more gyms to have it. That's all I can say. LesMills sales team aren't able to say anything for now..

    So it just practising at home with DVD, but getting no kicks out of it..