Friday, November 25, 2011

Dan cohens work out challenge #1

Dans workout challenge to you all for this weekend.#1
Record and post your time and let me now about the intensity and how you got on. Let's have a winning female time and a winning male time!.

X20 pushup burpees
X20 tuck jumps
X40 clean and press 15kg each side for men and: 8 and half kg each side for the girls.
X30 pushup burpees
X30 tuck jumps
X40 dead lifts same weight as clean and press
X 100 body weight full range squats
X 100 alternating plyo lunges
Repeat only 2 sets.
This routine I've designed is speed and endurance
1: good form
2; you must to the correct numbers
3: push your self

Good luck warriors lets do this ..

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  1. sounds like a good preparation for the quaterly next week !

  2. All right, I will try it today. Despite pain in my lower back..

  3. I have no bar at home so there will be full challenge tomorrow. 40 clean and press in a row for Ladies..? I will do it but It feels like a Spartan challenge! :-)

  4. What a workout !! My whole body feels like its been runover by a truck !!
    Thanks !!!