Thursday, March 1, 2012

LMUK goes live!!

Today the 1st of march 2012 Lesmills UK officially goes live.

With huge support , road show, club visits, master class's, branding, one on ones , help and support to the entire market.

Lesmills in the UK are very happy and carry the message of confidents to all its customers.
We are here to commit
We are here to support and guide the fitness industry in the UK.

I personally am honored and very excited about our presence in this industry.
Together with all our customers large and small chains, single gyms and local authorities , we are together making this nation healthier.
Together we can change and help the health system and together we really can make the nation a better place.

Lesmills UK ( LMUK) goes live today.
Teams have traveled all over the nation.
We have teams flying in to meet as many instructors face to face.

Being apart of this tribe is powerful.

I've personally already seen over a thousand people whilst on the road and the next coming weeks and months I'd like to make it in the 10's of thousands ....

We're here to help and drive your business ....

Much love to the UK nation...

And much love to all my brothas and sistas back home in


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