Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back in the UK for 13 days

Things I've done today.
1, hang with lekky
2, trained x2
3, created the start of another workout
4, heading to a Brazilian BBQ - best food in the world!- unless some one can take me to eat something better?
5, watching a movie.
Yup pretty fantastic day 1 in the UK-
Where too next? This is what I love about life! GOD has a plan for us all- I fully trust him xx

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Location:London England


  1. Hey Dan, Andre from Brazil (Jakarta)... Brazilian bbq IS FOR SURE the best food in the world... :D If one day you go Brazil again, try visit the south of Brazil (Porto Alegre - RS), that is where the best meat is... Have a great time in UK bro... See you in the summit on November in Melbourne...

  2. hey dan the man...i've got a request for a song :)


    itching to launch 52...

  3. For sure Brazilian meat is good, but best food in the world my friends is italian :)

  4. Back in the UK was a nice song to combat to.