Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hi peps,

so its thursday, i woke up at silly oclock!, like 5 something am crazzzzy kat i know.
i hit my iphone alarm to turn that alarm offfffff!!!.
Finally got outta bed around 640am and headed to city kickboxing, i was real lucky to have a couple of the boys ready to hold pads for me, and let me tell you no breakfast and sitting in traffic for 40mins was not a great combination.
Im really pleased i managed to fit that training session, as sitting on a plane doing nothing can drive me mad.
i then head back over the north shore to change some pennies into thai bart, then a fancy haircut and i was outta there baby, home shower, and bags ready for the taxi.
we headed to the LMI head office, were i said my goodbyes to the awesome staff on each level and then had to make a very important call over seas to announce the WINEER of the 10yr BODYCOMBAT celebration.
and the WINNER was...... mannnnnn i cant tell any of you's yet, gotta wait for the official announcement soon sorry....
Im currently sitting in the business lounge at the airport and gonna board in 25 mins, and im listening to BODYCOMBAT 44!! and my head is full of madness...
catch up again soon warriors.
keeping real.



  1. Hi Dan!,,, greetings from Mexico, i'm a BC instructor here and just wanna say hello.

    This blog is great, this gives us a way to stay in touch with you. =)

    The best for your trip, and BC 44!!! OMG!!! can't wait XD.

    Take care man!

  2. I was just wondering this morning, "When are they gonna announce the winner of that dang contest?!" Glad we're finally close to learning who won!

  3. Hi Dan. Greetings from Singapore.

    Will be attending the workshop in Kuala Lumpur next Sunday. Looking forward to the BC42 masterclass by Rachel & you.

    You guys must be having fun in Thailand. No updates since the 26th.


    Brian BYrne

  4. BODYCOMBAT 44? Damn' dude! They come fast and furious, eh?

  5. Hi Dan lengths away from Brazil to you! your blog is really cool so those who enjoy their work can contact you earned earned all good