Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Bangkok was incredible.
The morning started with an early bird wake up call at the hotel. Rach and i laughed at each other over breakfast as we were telling each other about our "dreams" that night. Rach said she had dreamed about the workshops and being on stage! i laughed cause i said "get your own bloody dream" i had dreamt the same thing.... weird!!!
After a short drive just out of the city, we arrived a the venue were the workshops were held for the last couple of years.
A good size sports hall and and heaps of people ready for a mad crazy day day.
the running order was.
RPM had been presented the day before and had around 90 or so people attend.
BODYCOMBAT pulled the largest number's for the day and was a fantastic start to an awesome workshop.
You can only imagine what the muaythai track was like in "THAILAND" Rach and i had a blast.
We finished the class and spoke a little about the making of BODYCOMBAT 42 and how to draw the magic from each track.
Then ohhhh myyyyy.... photos, interviews,sign stuff, and this went on all day.
BODYPUMP was awesome,(dam the lunge track ouch!) my self and the thai trainers presented the new release with power, intensity and yes we too tried the M.J fun ... hats and all... ha ha ha.
Rach closed the day with a huge party class BODYJAM is one of those class's that even if you sit and watch you still end up dancing either on the spot or you join in.
been teaching class's everyday along with intensives, we fly to jakarta tomorrow and i'll update again then.


  1. You guys were great at the Asia Fitness Convention too! Please visit Asia again! :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed Asia.I'll be seeing you in the Kuala Lumpur workshop on Sunday. ;-)

  3. edmired your fighting spirit , break the resistance level all the time, that is the special gift god for u and rach, anyhow , health n hapines (hnh) is 1st priority ,wish u and rach love n stay with fight ever.........good job for asia tour......! alex wong @malaysia

  4. BC 42 is amazing! I can imagine the energy in the room for MuayThai!

  5. Got my shorts! Very excited now. Can't wait to launch BC 42!

  6. Hi !
    Last sunday we had the quartely!
    Finally BC42 is here!
    love you guys
    greetings from Buenos Aires :)

  7. Man, that sounds incredible.
    Workshops are so much fun.
    I can feel that you guys got inspired for BC 44, eh?
    God stuff coming. I can tell =)

  8. It's really nice to read your impressions...and at the same time I can't help but think how amazing this whole LM craze is...It happens literally all around the globe...I wish I could meet you down the road one day....I tried to get you and Rach here...(Argentina) participating in the "BC 10 Years Relaunch Party" I gave it a was worth doing it...My kudos on your awesome inspired me much...Today I'm the happiest BC instructor! Laura Tcherkassky Buuenos Aires, Argentina