Thursday, December 17, 2009

JAKARTA "the hot " rules! and KL was packed!

oh my.....
Seriously if i
said that back stage at the jakarta workshop was like 114 degrees i still think i'd be understating.
Fetty who is the leading and head trainer in Jakarta organized an amazing workshop.
all 8 programs and education, and you know what? all the class's were packed it was incredible.
Fetty you were awesome girl! thank you so much for all the very hard work you and your team put in.... it paid off!!
with my self Rach, tommy, kylie, tracy, david, judy, and ALL the south east asian training team that attended the back to back different country/city workshops on that weekend remember to pat your self on the back we did it aye!
the instructors at both workshops were soooo passionate and can i say mannnnn you all love your cameras!!!
Rach and i have new muscles in our faces from the smiles.
we really enjoyed it, we really enjoyed the traveling.
You see when you travel as much as we do, we don't often have to many 1st's??!!
1st time to a country, 1st time meeting a training team, 1st time speaking a new language, 1st time meeting brand new instructors, and for us this asian trip was a first!!.
Rach carried the BODYJAM flag and i carried the BODYPUMP flag and of course together the BODYCOMBAT flag, and we were very proud to do so!
Thank you to everyone that we met along the way, and thank you LMAP for inviting us, we do hope you will invite us back.
dan and Rach.


  1. Hi Dan, I was @ the KL workshop. You guys were awesome. Don't wait for LMAP to invite Rach & yourself to Asia. Juz invite yourselves and let them pick up the tab. You guys are always welcome here.

    Hey, when are you and Rach coming over to Singapore?

    Staying with the fight.


  2. So sorry for the Jakarta's hotness... I guess it's because the building... I was crazy when I see you guys (though I already met you before in DVD, and in the AFC Bangkok!!!) But, I mean, it's JAKARTA, my hometown!! Hehehee...

    Love love BC... It's my life!

  3. Don't wait for an invite! You guys are ALWAYS welcome!! KL workshops were awesome. Fantastic way to close out the year :D

  4. Too cool.
    Can you share some nutrition tips here on the blog? Would love to know what keeps you and Rach going during these marathon trainings.

  5. To Dan and Rach,
    IT WAS AWESOME!!! Before I could only see you in the dvd, but having you in Jakarta, teaching the class, TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! When r u gonna put Jakarta in your itinerary again? Cause YOU ARE SOOOOO WELCOME!!!!!

  6. Hi Dan & Rach!

    awesome placeee!!!!!!!
    OMG you are soo lucky!!!!

    Big kiss from Buenos Aires

  7. The tower is 88 storeys high. Used to be the tallest in the world. :-)