Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MY 2 part DVD diet.

diet plan 1, is NOT for everyone.
it works well for me, but, its taste average yet works very well if you do not cheat.
BREAKFAST tuna/water/fruit
MID MORN SNACK shake/carrots
LUNCH plain chicken breast/greens/water
MID ARVO SNACK hand full of nuts
DINER 1/4 cup of rice /veg/fish/water
ill do this for 12 days and about 1 month before filming

then in the 2 weeks leading up to filming ill change to diet plan 2 which is
BREAKFAST poached eggs/toast/yogurt/water
MID MORN SNACK hand full of raw nuts/tin of tuna/water
LUNCH chicken breast/greens/fruit/water
DINER steak/rice/water

results in real low body fat, skin great,sleep great.


  1. Wow, this is great Dan - thanks for sharing!

  2. i`ll try and take some pictures before and after to see the resultsTKS Dan

  3. THANK YOU. Been looking for something like this. Tuna for brekkie, eh? I'll give it a go.

  4. Thanks for sharing...looks like I will be heading to the market. You find this will give me the energy to teach 10 classes a week and not be tired? Also, I am lactose intoleant...I can't do yogurt or consume any diary. Any suggestions?

  5. master dan:
    could you sugguest a diet to reduce and maintain weight?

  6. You're hardcore, mate! Heard from someone that met you several years ago you have completely changed your lifestyle around from back then. What made you change your life approach? What keeps you motivated... and injury-free nowadays?
    Thanks for being an inspiration for me as an instructor and fitness freak! :))

  7. thanks for sharing - i guess your objective is to look at peak of condition for the DVD...minimize fat and build muscle.

    But I wonder what you would look like on DVD with your "normal" diet?

    how much difference does it make to your condition?

  8. Dan - Thanks again for the diet tips. Have been adding tuna to my daily intake and am hooked. Great inexpensive protein source.

  9. not even one cadburys cream egg!? think id rather die!:)

  10. OK, get the hint, im gonna do it, by June u wont recognise me... maybe then we can have 1 creme egg each?! Han x

  11. ok - so what about the vegetarians?? tuna - bluergh!

  12. It works, but if you do not drink enough water, your head feels like a rollercoaster ... :D ...

    Hugs from Germany ...