Wednesday, February 24, 2010

upper lower combo

name of move -wall climb from plank
perform-a held plank pushup with feet on the wall for 20 seconds only
transition-using your arms only walk your whole body into the wall
finish-in a complete hand stand with chin tucked in and looking towards the wall.

repeat this whole sequence in reverse until you are back to initial position, freeze for 20 seconds and do not rest knees on the floor, then transition back to the hand stand.
reps x5
set x4
or i prefer to work on duration of 2mins, because i combine this move with a lower body routine, then, i go back to a new upper body move which is below.
after this exercise move straight into a single leg 10kg squat.
sink deep into the quad and glutes keeping your full heal on the floor.
25 reps each leg or 1min30 seconds each leg

finally move directly into handstand push ups for 1min.. good luck everyone.


  1. Sounds & looks hard... I'll try it this week!
    Thanks from Germany ;-)

  2. this is gonna hurt... shall try and let you know!

  3. I like trying to make all that you say, I am sad all the same with the wall pumps!
    I go me to entrainer by hoping to make that for Pompadour lol!
    Kisses of France

  4. Thank´s Dan, i´m going to try

  5. Wow!!! U can really do that :P That's awesome! I'm going to try your freaking exorcises :P U'r pulling us to the limits and the level of limit is a bit higher every time :P That's a greatest sensation :P Staying with the fight from Madrid :)

  6. Mate... this is totally freakin your shoulders...
    Did it with my participants in my fitboxing-class (about an hour after BodyPump-class) and after fifth repetition we were all finished :-D
    We are trying to do the full combo within the next 4 Weeks...

    THX for this great exercise!!

  7. whoa... well that's an excerSIZE right there. maneged to do one set with good form... the hard thing now is explaining to my dad where those footprints on (once) white wall came from...
    thanks! ;)

    stay strong!

  8. OMG!!! that's some exercise!! :)