Monday, March 29, 2010


This release has really become a well rounded mixed martial arts workout.
Being creative not only has it's ups but it also has it's down's. Today Rach and I have spent more than 3 hours trying to figure out this potential kung-fu section in one of our new songs we have chosen for BODYCOMBAT 45, and i finally realized perhaps we were just trying to be to clever? "this is one of the down side's of being creative!".
The music is krazy "big", yet with so many fabulous moments of drama and magic, again choosing these songs have really left us wanting to choreograph so in-tune that we may have created a monster for our selves?
However after saying that I remember several songs over the years that took days and painful hours to complete, and looking back they have always stood the test of time.
Again Rach and I have simply got to overcome theses small hurdles, that even though at this point seem huge, it will be for the greater good! Knowing that instructors around the world will change the lives of millions with magic, contrast, and an all round fantastic work out. so maybe ill get of my blog page now and give it another shot with fresh eyes and know we will get an awesome outcome!.
love ya all.


  1. sometimes you just need to take a walk :P
    It is always magic at Body Combat classes :) Lately at my classes even the floor is pumping while my students do scissors!!!(It's amazing track 8 from BC43). Hey, Guys - we're changing the world thx to you :D head up and go for it:D

    big hugs!!!

  2. Of course it'll be awesome ... all the other releases have been. Have every faith in you guys ... LOVE IT!!!

  3. GREAT Dan! Awesome! I love kungfu since I was small kid...really love that you're putting some kungfu moves..especially wushu or even weng chun (Rach was trained in this martial art, rite :))..good luck and looking forward to your epic creativity that will unleash another awesome release!

  4. cant wait to see 45, Keep on with the creativity its a blessing not a curse :)

  5. Fantastic! I hope soon BC 44 because this 43 is bombastic.Energy, traning, intensety, every thing we desire. Dont forget to see UFC. Always every days....

  6. Highly recommend the Creative Whack Pack- gives you a different perspective on how to solve problems. I'm sure you and Rach will bring it together as you always do.

  7. I know it's hard for you and Rach to be creative and constantly feel you are competing with yourself hoping that each new release tops the last one. Trust your instinct and know that you two will deliver. Don't listen to the negativity and don;t believe the hype. You two rock and I am glad that you two are the program directors of BC!

  8. I've just passed the module training and looking forward to teach my first class!! Trained high and dry in BC43 and looking forward to do clearance when 44 soon!! The double shoot.. the komodo walk.. the mortal kombat.. wow.. !! It's sure going to be a thrill!

  9. Awesome! I can't wait I will be training on this! I train in Wing Chun so if there is an element of that (or any Fu style in there) it will make it extra special!

  10. hi dan
    I like your posts,you are very creative!

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