Tuesday, March 30, 2010


hi everyone!, ok in the comments section underneath (leave a comment) write some questions that you would like answered and rach and I will answer some in a video blog!
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Dan and Rach


  1. Hey, guys...i'm a huge Les Mills freak, and of course Body Combat is my favorite class.
    I'm having trouble combining classes during the day...sometimes i do Body Pump during the day and Body Combat at night and sometimes i take one class right after the other and it nearly kills me.
    I wonder if that's something i should insist on until i get used to it or maybe combine another class with Body Combat and do Body Pump on a separate day?

    LOve you guys. Take care =)

  2. What is the new martial arts added to BC? It's it MMA?

    I think MMA is not a style by itself but a concept of mixing matching the styles to suit your strength and strategy....

    Hope to see you two back in Asia soon. ;-)

  3. Hi dan,
    are you able to go through how you go about picking songs for each release? Also is there a process you go through in putting together the choreo for each track?

  4. Hey, wanna ask something..

    I've joined combat class and when I do punches and kicks they're seem pretty much powerful especially the punches. But then I tried to join a real muay thai class and when I had to do all those punches toward the pads or the bag, my punches and kicks were all powerless, especially the kicks. I even couldn't do a roundhouse kick.
    What should I do? How to make them powerful? Thanks :)

  5. Hi Guys!!

    How is going your "creation process"?? I mean -from the beginning: you're choosing songs, then choosing what to put in it, then the whole choreography - the tracks always match each other!!the choreo has always the main theme (Jing_Jang,Backyard Brawl):) It's great!! But it's freaking difficult and it takes time! How long does it take? When do you finally know - this is it?? This gonna be EPIC?? And where do you take an inspiration from to be so "fresh" every time :). Are you participate in any kind of martial art training? How do you prepare a team for filming?
    For now - it's enough of questions :P But there is a lot of in my head :P
    Thx, Rach&Dan!!!
    Lots of hugs!!

  6. i am looking forward for 13th of June event in Athens :) see you soon. What shall we expect?

  7. hey guys!!

    i'm moving to cincinnati, ohio in the summer permanently for a job and guess what...NONE OF THE GYMS have les mills!! what is the one thing you think i should say when meeting with gym directors to really drive home the idea of how amazing body combat is and that once you have a taste, you can't go back to "traditional" group fitness?

    you guys are truly amazing - body combat has changed my life :)


  8. Hey Dan & Rach, I have a question about your philosophy when it comes to coaching kicks in a class. In the master class videos your kicks are a good height (at least head level) towards the end of a set. Is this something you just do for yourself, or is it also to give the class something to aspire to? I ask because many participants can't kick too high without risking injury or really sacrificing technique, and so I often find myself kicking maybe just past waist height just to keep them from being tempted to try (or, worse, being intimidated). When I am just participating in another instructor's class or when I am team-teaching a track but another instructor is cueing it, I feel like I have a bit more freedom to push myself in my kicks but I am still mindful of overdoing it. What are your thoughts on this?

  9. Hiya both, I'm going to cheat and ask a couple in the hopes that one (or maybe two...) will get answered!

    Firstly, why don't releases get synchronised across the Les Mills tribe? In the UK, we are always one release behind some regions, and it makes it impossible to keep the new release a secret...especially from particularly keen participants!

    I also noticed in BC43 that you started both using a new form of 'Kiah!' which sounds something like 'Assa'. Where did that come from?

    Finally, just a comment. Dan we met a couple of years ago when you came to teach a masterclass in David Lloyd Luton. I told you how I was (at the time) preparing to become an instructor. Well, now I am 7 stone lighter and fully qualified. The truth is, Body Combat (and therefore you and Rach) changed, or even possibly SAVED, my life so, you know...cheers!


  10. I've been teaching BC for six years now, since you and Rach took over, and love it more each release but just one small thing drives me crazy.... could we have a pause point between tracks 1a and 1b - so making learning easier on the stereo????? I do a lot of learning while driving and you miss a beat in 1b hit rewind, and back to 1a again which drives me mental! thanks guys, keep up the great work..... Gina G

  11. Body combat is a true enrichment of my life. Especcially those who used to have done martial arts when they were young its a real "upgrade". Carry on guys I love combat and you 2!

  12. Hey hey you two ;o),
    was great to meet you in Germany -uh I guess two years ago - BJ/BC intensive.

    I'm really interested to know how you start to create a new choreo or how long it takes to create such hughe new releases. Is it like "Hey that sound's like a Jab Cross Jab" or "Oh I'd like to do that combi, let's search for a song that fits"... Hope you know what I mean ;o)

    All the best. We try to do our best here at MAORI Fitness Community in Germany. If you really answer that question would be so great if you say a short "Hello" to our members, they'd be really proud I think!... Rach is asking them everytime they come "READY?" at a billboard in front of the studio ;o).


  13. HI - I have a question about how you work with other PDs to sync releases? Do you work together or its is all separate? I have noticed lately that there are tracks that are used in multiple programs in the same release cycle. I teach pump, combat and RPM so when there are similar songs in the same release its a little mind boggling to get your head aournd which one is which..for the members too. Not a compliant at all more a question as to whether there is method behind the "madness" (or should I say greatness!). Other than that - you boht continue to amaze me at making each release more aweosme than the last! You are my super heros!!
    Hanna (Golds Gym Northwest, US)

  14. Hey there! Just wonderign how you two unwind? I work out HARD but I love a glass of wine and soe nice "naughty: food every weekend after a hard week of working full time and teaching. you seem to the work-a-holics..what do you do to unwind???


  15. Allo,

    What's your favourite meals before and after teaching or training? I find it hard to have a decent meal after teaching, even though its the best time to eat!



  16. Hey Dan and Rach,

    couple of questions

    1. what is the best thing about your job? what's the thing that really makes you love it?(cause it is obvious that you both do just that)
    2. What is your fave track ever?
    3. The most important many times have you got a buffalo in your life? don't lie!

    Thanks for everything that you guys put in to it, it is noticed!!

    With love


  17. Hi Dan and Rach

    My question is:
    What is your age?

    Greetings Mike

  18. Hi Linda here,
    Love body combat, love the power, the energy, the fight, just EVERYTHING!!!!! It always makes me feel better about things in general!!!!
    One queston I do is about you as people, as you are married I do wonder who does the most of the following ;)
    Cleaning the house
    Body Combat
    and finally who is the better sex, men or women ;)

    Love n hugs
    Linda xxxx

  19. Hi Dan & Rach -

    Just wondering if all master trainers/presenters have a martial arts background? and Which format would you recommend to start with? I'm leaning towards TKD but what do you both recommend?
    Looking forward to meeting you both in August!


  20. Hi Dan & Rach,

    Lovely to meet you in person at FILEX last May in Sydney. Didn't get much chance to talk, but just want to let you know that both of you are a great inspiration to me with this program and with all that I've learnt from the both of you at the Intensive in Canberra and master classes, they've worked really well with my classes. For that I've also committed myself to bringing the best Martial Arts program to the world for as long as my body can hold.

    As my passion in the program continues to grow, I'm considering and working my way in achieving a trainer/presenter status. So my question is:

    Is there a chance for people like us to train directly under you and your team? Something like a 1 or 2-week BodyCombat Boot Camp with you and Rach will be interesting. :-)


    PS: Am planning on attending one of the BC filmings to come in NZ. :-)

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  22. Hi! My name is Juan,(spain) i´m 15 years old, and i´m planing to be a bc instructor, i love your programme! :DD My question is...
    Why the les mills releases come too late here in spain?? :( I´ve watched the bc44 sizzler and it´s amaizing, but in my gym, we´ve already released the 43,, and now the 45 is filmed!, I can´t belive it,, I CAN´T WAIT!!!! :DD

  23. Hi dan
    I was wondering what martial art you think a begginer should start with,karate,judo ,kickboxing?

    Martial Art Training