Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BODYCOMBAT 45 only 2 class's left.

its tuesday afternoon, and were all smashed! 60 something hrs in 5 days, music, mirror work, coaching, technique,timing, connecting, creating magic and much much more with no sleep and limited breaks has really paid off!!
Finally as we sat around the TV watching our selfs on camera for the billionth time! a little smile appeared on our tired faces!, i sign of magic was coming out of the TV screen.
we felt connected to the presenter and the team moved and looked like a Team.
we are teaching again tonight at 510pm and our last class will be wednesday night.
We then will relax and have a team breakfast, maybe watch a movie on thursday morning? then we have sound check in the afternoon and then we film at night.
ill take some photos of the team before we go on and maybe a quick "hi" video and post it up before we go on.
So keep posted for the real deal on how the night went.
Thanks for all your support fellow Lesmills one tribe members..

Dan and Rach


  1. Have fun guys, you've worked very hard and I am personally inspired and amazed by each person's dedication to ensuring a high quality training DVD for all us Combat lovers. Thank you on our behalf.

  2. LOVED class! Thanks to you and the team for creating such fitness magic!! See you tomorrow night!

  3. I'm sure you'll do great at the filming... can't wait to see the final product (tho still 6 months in the future for us here)

    keep it real!

  4. You guys put in so much effort, but it really pays off!

    I hope that one day in the future I will be able to join you

    See you at Ignition in June!


  5. I can't hardly wait for this release! I'm so excited!! I actually got signed up to do the Body Combat AIM with you & Rach in Atlanta in August! The fact I'm one of the very few instructors who got in is an honor, but fortunately for me, my two bestfriends also got in! This totally made our year & we can't wait to train with you guys!!! Your feedback will help us grow to be better instructors & will allow us to take tools home with us to create an even better class for our faithful members & that's what it's all about!!! Our members mean everything to me! So Thank You in advance for being inspiring, motivational, & flat out awesome at what you do!!!

  6. have fun! i'll be waiting for the release!