Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BODYCOMBAT 45 filming.

Hi everyone heaps of your are now in town for the upcoming filming'.
#1 come to 22 centre st head office and say hi
#2 enjoy all the trial class's and go hard
#3 the sushi shop on vic st west is where we hang out
#4 rach and i will be teaching with the team from today 2/3 class per day with the team just look at the time table.
#5 the names of the internationals on our release will be
1, steve the "gun" tansey from the UK
2, our dear friend and LESMILLS top dog from JAPAN taku!
3, shaza our head trainer for BODYCOMBAT in AUSTRALIA
the complete times and dates for filming are below.

Thursday 22nd April 2010

  • 3:10pm BODYSTEP 81
  • 4:40pm BODYPUMP 75
  • 6:30pm BODYCOMBAT 45
  • 8:00pm BODYBALANCE 50

Monday 26th April 2010

  • 1:30pm RPM 48
  • 5:20pm BODYVIVE 16
  • 6:40pm BODYATTACK 70
  • 8:00pm BODYJAM 54
  • And the filming of BJ+ will NOT be on the wednesday the 29th April.
  • just another polite reminder to leave your phones and cameras at your hotels or in your bags on the night, enjoy the "moment"
  • please come and chat to rach and i about the program and don't be afraid to ask for help in any way.
dan and rach.


  1. Have a great filming sesh! Haven't been able to get the NZ from the UK yet, but hope to one day :). Can't wait to see what you have in store in the future.

  2. Sounds great! wish i could go!

    Steve Tansey did my module training, what a ledge

    Have fun


  3. thanks to inspire a lot of people in the world!! greetings from Mexico. kia kaha!!!!

  4. Can't wait to see what you come up with on this release. Steve Tansey trained me and he's an awesome role model and a very nice guy to boot. Can't wait to see him on the DVD. Good luck to you all. x

  5. I wish I could be over there with you all!! So jealous!! Keep up the fab work guys, your'e all amazing and inspire me so much!!!

  6. Hi! Body combat is so amazing! I love it. I'm from Mexico (Monterrey) Have you ever thought come here and doing a class? Dan you're so cute! with your permission Rachel!
    sorry for may english