Friday, July 2, 2010


hi warriors,
so BODYCOMBAT 46 is currently in trial, this morning Rach n i had a sick playlist.
we trailed tracks 1,2,3,5
now heading back into chore room, we also finalized tracks 4,6,8
so its taking a bit longer to work on tracks 7 as this is the "theme" song.
and im shouting out to scotland to say thanks! mmmmm???
catch ya soon team.


  1. Shoutouts Dan 'n' Rach,
    does this intentionally sound like we should get the Muay Thai trunks out of our dirty basements?? Anything more you can give away at this early planning stage, mate?
    Keep the chorey thick & fast, would love a Muay Thai centered release, Philip

  2. It depends on pleasure! My mastar!!

  3. As always - can't wait to see what you guys have planned. Just got done work-shopping 44 w/ my launch partner. We practiced it and picked it apart for 3+ hours. MAN we are SMASHED!!!!

  4. Mate, after the last 3 releases 41-44, I can't imagine how you make one evolution of that... 1h30 class?? lol Hope so.... because on the class I really feel a warrior... no problems come to me... just feel free :)

    Stay on the fight, because no pain no game ;)