Saturday, July 17, 2010

BODYCOMBAT 46! its time..

Hi warriors,

So i'm writing this on saturday which means its our last weekend to relax before the mayhem of filming week starts again.
For release number 46 rach and I have invited shauna may from the USA to join us, and now after training and up-skilling and giving him all the help i can i'm pleased to say my good buddy Hernan will present with us on the DVD.
the clothes will shall be wearing are a new range from LMI and really looking forward to seeing the team come together.'
We also have invited Pete to be our program coach! a 3rd set of eyes if you like. I value Pete's feed back every round he is a great friend and has amazing skills in drama and coaching. Rach and I are very lucky that we have:
diana, jackie and philip mills advising us from a creative directors position.
After listening to around 2thousands songs rach and I eventually have a list of around 40 songs which we then try and finalize a solid playlist.. this can take forever ha ha..
Once we start the choreography process we trial as soon as possible in peak and off peak time-slots, with beginners and regular bodycombat goers.
Then the many hours of "change" happens.
Once the new release has really taken shape we then look to add in the magic etc.
Now were ready for the international (if any on the round) presenters to arrive, " Filming" week is now upon us.
many many very long and very hard hours then begin in the mirror, on the stage, video feed back "the camera never lies".. its an enjoyable process and an important one to ensure the high standard of a world class and global product.
sooooo, ill update you all several times thru twitter, and facebook as well during the week.
dan and rach.


  1. Shauna May!!! My mentor and trainer for BodyCombat 3 years ago!! Wish her the world!! Can't wait (literally) to see BC46! Thank you for all the time put into the program. Reason being why BodyCombat IS the #1 favorite of the WORLD! XOXOX's from Texas!

  2. Wow wow WOWWWW!!! All the work that goes into these releases!! Just amazing!!!! Thanks so much for all the energy and *magic*!!!

  3. Yay for Shauna May! Got to take Combat from her at a Quarterly here in the U.S. Fantastic. Can't wait to see her rockin' on the big stage with you guys!

  4. thanks team , yip we go thru the "grind" to ensure the best out of each release .. nope its not an easy job, however its very rewarding when you see the look in your members eyes.

  5. Gotta agree with you on that reward to me is the results we see in our members (:

  6. Shauna May, and... Hernan!! :DD
    Here in Spain we have already launched body combat 44.. I cant wait!!!

  7. Nós aqui do Brasil não vemos a hora do 46 chegar.