Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All done well not really!

Finally all the filming's have finished.
post filming is always the hardest! "why"? well i guess because the adrenaline has worn off and the aches and pain set in!
hips, knees, shoulders, back! oh my.... how messed up is that a? i mean were instructors and we are the ones that are supposed to be "machines"
Now post production is in full swing and i leave for my next tour very soon, gotta work around the clock to finalize this round just filmed and.. have music signed off for the next round..
you know.. finding music is not that easy! .. if we could rock up to a music store buy a CD and choreograph to it my life would be a whole world easier!
some of you ask how a release is put together?
well ill give you an inside to a few of the steps.
1) find music
this can take a long time! many hours of listening to thousands of different styles and feels of music.
2) decrease the playlist down to say couple hundred
3) listen again
4) decrease playlist again to around 30 or so songs
5) start the choreography process
6) change the playlist
7) start over again with the choreography
8) look for different mix's of the songs to ensure the version used has the best contrast
9) trial the tracks
10) change the choreography
11) trial again and again and again
12) keep refining the choreography
13) show case the work to, specialist, docs, physio, instructors, jackie, diana, philip mills.
14) find new songs!
15) trial new choreography
this process goes on until the job is done no days off as magic never sleeps!
then! wow something happens!!
change a couple moves or combos and yes!! it get a huge thumbs up from the raw 1st timers right the way thru to the hardcore, the instructors the trainers!
international presenters arrive (if we have any)
then we start the filming week... which if you read some of my past post's .. they can be so very intense.
16) film
17) post production
18) go on tour and deliver the release we did 3months before
19) JET LAG!!
20) come home and start again!
wattttttt... in fact writing it down as if it were just "something " we do actually makes me think?
where is the time for golf? diner? party?
there are 24hrs in a day baby! plenty of time to do it ALLLLLLLL
yeaaaaaaahhhh i gotta say i love BODYCOMBAT!!!

keep it real and stay with the fight.

dan and rach.


  1. To dan and Rach, I just want to say millions of thank you for your hard works. BODYCOMBAT really inspire me a lot and now I getting more fit. Your choreography are superb.

    This is BODYCOMBAT fan from Malaysia.

  2. I think there is a lot of people out there who underestimate the hard work and time that goes in to a world class product that has to be delivered to the 4 corners of the globe!

    You guys do a amazing job, keep up the good work!

  3. Awesomeness!! You rock and I keep on saying that :). You inspire me to do my best every time, to do even better than that!! I stay with the fight thanks to you, guys :D
    wish you all the best!! And-remember-you have a friend in Poland :)

  4. "Magic never sleeps" - I love that!!! Great post.

  5. And we love BodyCombat as well! Thank you and to Rach for ALL the work, and work, and more work that goes into putting one release together. <3

  6. Hey Dan and Rach,

    That's why I respect you so much and after 7 years just SILL LOVE BC. It was like love at first.
    Just keep the real and great job you two are doing.
    We will keep spreading the BC feel!
    My respect and my love to you too.
    You like the Vin Diesel of Body Combat =)

    Cheerz and really stay with the fight,
    Kenia from holland

  7. You guys are inspirational. I applaud you every step of the way as I don't think anyone can take for granted the hours and hours of work you do to bring us, what I believe, is the BEST PROGRAM IN THE WORLD!!!! Keep up the amazing work....we LOVE YOU!

  8. OMG - that is a lot of work, i'm even more amazed right now...Body combat rules....
    Keep up the great work and the best work out ever!
    All the best 2 Rach and Dan and to all the awesome instructors out there....
    Kia kaha,
    Stefan, instructor from Sweden and Stockholm, C U @ Super Saturday!

  9. Hi Dan,
    There's a lot that goes in to making a new release.... I didn't realise it was so involved
    my 1c question is - if you have to listen to over 1,000+ songs to choose what is best for Body Combat, why do you end up choosing songs / tracks that have already been used in another LM program?
    To me it would make sense to choose fresh songs that haven't been used in another LM program?
    We did BC45 new release on the weekend (Awesome release by the way!) and my wife asked me why they are using 'See the light' - again. I told her it has been used in Attack & Pump before....
    I'm not complaining - I've been a hardcore BC participant for over 4 years now, just thought it was odd that with all the songs to choose from we end up with 'repeats'.
    BC45 was O for Awesome - loved it!!!

  10. Epic release 44 we are in our 4th week at Golds gym Woodbury MN USA. Loving it as a 60 year young participants. Keep it real.
    Ehhhh how you come up with the routines we are doing..?

  11. Love to read your post Dan and Rach. Just wanna say millions of thanks to both of you&international presenters, it is you bring us so many fantastic release and unforgeable memory. The most valuable treasure I have since I was born. When you do these things, you are not alone:-)
    LOVE YOU! !!
    Keep it real and stay with the fight.