Friday, July 30, 2010

BODYCOMBAT 46 filming

The lead up to filming this round was intense!
with rach creating the new (working title) SH'BAM dance program
And Me being part of creating the New (working title) LMI core program
on top of choreographing BODYCOMBAT 45 and 46, the window for anything personal was almost impossible as we were up at 5am and bed by 1230am.
however this really was an exciting adventure that we said at the beginning of the 18 weeks of "no sleep" we wanted to do to prove to ourselves we were up for the challenge.
yesterday even before filming BODYCOMBAT 46 we were finalizing the post production side of what we do.. awesome!
so with all this in mind last night was really the end of a huge 4 plus month period!
now get this we leave for the U.S.A in 19 days and were already looking at BODYCOMBAT 47
so far weve listened to around 1900 songs and still going.
so below is a couple of vids leading up to last nights filming it really was awesome!.
thanks everyone for reading please feel free to leave a comment.


  1. I think ya'll did it beyond well...AWESOMETASTIC in my book!!! Best part of that blog entry...T-19 days till ya'll hit US soil!!! Looking forward to seeing you both again, and best of all BC AIM in Atlanta!! XX

  2. 1900 songs and going... unbelievable!! You all are doing a great job

  3. can't wait, such a tease!!
    Looking very forward to seeing you and Rach in ATL in a few short weeks
    Travel safe

  4. Exciting stuff :) . SOOO looking forward to BC45 (although I LOVE teaching 44!!), and Super Saturday in Sweden on september 4th... Also sooo looking forward to the new concepts hitting the Swedish gyms! You guys are such an inspiration!

  5. A story...
    In a small town in Romania , I thanks to you Dan , Rach teach (unlicensed) techniques bodycombat.
    Imagine that there are people somewhere on this planet thanks to you have a different lifestyle.
    You're formidable...

  6. Hello ppl!

    Well I think you're starting to make BC too repetitives.... I know BC is oriented to be practised by all ppl but maybe we need some new movements it would be REALLY GOOOOD :D.

    But however you're doing a great work guys continue like this I will like all your realease 4ever BC is the best!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Rachel & Dan, you are aaaaaaawesome!!!
    Thanks for the great class I received last August in Auckland. My dream became true!!! Thanks a lot!!! MARIA-SPAIN

  8. Hi Dan & Rach', i'm a french girl instructor and thanks for your work and your energy that we submit to our participants.
    The BODYCOMBAT class begin the best class now with the great musik, new combos... so thank you and WE STAY WITH THE FIGHT !!

  9. Please make it so that instructors can teach in small towns in BC Canada. There isn't a licensed gym near Nelson, BC. It shouldn't be restricted to big gyms and fitness centers! I miss pump and combat!

  10. Hello. My name is Eugene Lee and I do bodycombat in Singapore at Fitness First gym. I really enjoy doing body combat, you have done a really good job at it. I come from a taekwondo background so I'm usually wearing my gi (uniform)and belt when doing body combat.

    I have a few suggestions, is it possible to add more types of kicks to the training program like rear leg roundhouses, rear leg side kicks and spinning back kicks? Thanks anyway.