Monday, October 4, 2010

gearing up for BODYCOMBAT 47!

Its that time again, and Rach and i are really pumped for this release!.
in choosing the music this round we set out to look at huge energizing songs that got the heart pumping from the start.
we've put the big hours in to ensure sick magic in 4 parts of the class and i think at this early stage the warmup might just be the show stopper?
what type of things would you love to see in future releases?
please comment below.


  1. Conditiong track - abs & push ups - tough, but not fancy.
    Split room maybe?
    High energy track 4, jump kicks as the feature (members love them!).
    Elbow heaven :)

    Have fun with your creations :)

  2. Love smooth combinations that build!!
    The focus and leg conditioning of balance challenge's are fantastic for the core and butt!
    Really enjoyed the Karate discipline in 45 (members too)
    You guys do an awesome job and are leading us along the right path.
    Thank you for all your heart, passion and being humble enough to put this out there!

  3. bring back the ESK! =D

  4. How about bringing back a nice thumping Muay Thai tracks which leaves the participants wiped out going into track 8 - such as Hardcore Angel or Party Non Stop, 2 classic tracks which we need more of!!!!!

  5. More Scooter... Love what you are doing with the program and love where it's going. Keep up the awesome work.

  6. What do I, personally, want to see? I LOVE, repeat, LOVE the AUTHENTICITY you and Rach have brought into the program. Ever since my AIM, I've started studying Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, and Muay Thai, and the impact on my teaching in phenomenal! I've been slowly working my way back through our latest releases and using new experience to help me coach old favorites.

    So I say, keep the MIX coming! Keep smashing the mixed martial arts into every nook and cranny. And keep giving us the tools to deliver and ass-kicking, AUTHENTIC class!


  7. Tell the instructors to were gloves or wraps so I do not feel odd as a participant wearing gloves. Authenticity is a MUST otherwise it feels so funny doing punches that go nowhere but up in the sky......

  8. ditto to "humping Muay Thai tracks which leaves the participants wiped out going into track 8"
    I feel, the last couple of 'rock' style - MT tracks, were not as good as hardcore angel, raver's paradise, and excalibur~
    and keep on bringin the awesome power 3s!! the last couple of power 3s have been awesome!

  9. more cascada !

    prefer nothing too fancy.. members ended up sitting and staring instead of doing..

  10. Shout out, Dan: Would love to see the superman punch a la George StPierre, then a Bas Ruten original 'Liver Shot' embedded in a devastating left straight, right hook, knee combo, ... traxs with oponents facing each other, two rows, or partner or star fight formations (eg. with Capoiera moves). Most importantly though I would love to have the sprawl defence to break breathing pattern in the cardio track, to get to new hights of cardio training, and of course the evasive side kick, combined with a spinning back-kick action. Mega authenticity and hardcore action, even more than ever before, faster punch combinations, higher heart beat rates, even harder workout. Mega mega mega, a release that perhaps highlights in each track some different techniques of famous cage fighers. So all the best to Rach and you for beavering hard on it, will sure love it. "Good luck!!"

  11. Bring back the split track please !!! Members love it and instructors have plenty chance to connect.......

    We can imagine hitting the other person on the opposte side as well..... ;-P

  12. Hi, I'm quite new to BC but I just find myself thinking of moves while listening to some music tracks. I guess I'm addicted... Janelle Monáe's "Cold War" great song worth thinking of? Kisses to you and Rach from Portugal!
    Marta A.

  13. Hi,I think the Japanese game music have a lot of good songs.
    For example, I like fighting games and RPG games...

  14. I've read what was written before me.. i see some poeple want the split room tracks, most of the other instructors i know do not prefer split rooms, as pact classes w/ small studios.. have a hard time doing these tracks.
    Please keep the track 5s with instructors in the front~

  15. Jump Knees please!!!

  16. Love Capoeira move, prefer lesser knee at Muay Thai Track 7. Indeed japanese anime and games have a lot of good soundtrack suitable for BODYCOMBAT. Love more variety in all tracks.

  17. Dear Dan,

    please bring back a real Muay Thai track like the one in BC42 ! With push kicks, elbows, and please avoid lots of knees if possible.
    Keep up the good work ! You and Rach are just roxxxxxxing !

    Thanks a lot !!
    Best regards.

  18. From a non-instructor standpoint, I love the esquiva and the shoot. I find the dragon pushups hard to execute properly (even after the instructor has spent some time demonstrating the move), but loved the triangle choke hold abs (my new faves!!). I feel I can go harder when the combinations are simpler than I can if the combo is more complex. Kind of a "less brain, more body" type reaction. Love the big finishes with heaps of jabs.

  19. I agree - we need a real heart-stopping, balls to the wall Muay Thai track. Something epic. The Muay Thai tracks from 38, 42 and 44 come to mind. People LOVE (I mean LOVE) that dropping rear elbow in 44. Saw one of my instructors teaching it Thursday night and everyone in the room was FIRED UP for that move.
    Keep the hard rock coming. The Limp Bizkit track 4 in BC 45 is already my fave of the release. Exploding into those jump kicks when the chorus hits?! MONEY.

  20. Hi Dan!
    I expect a realy good BC 47. I will be there in NZ for the relase.
    More MMA moves and combination will be awsome.
    Techno Music, hard trainning and a great energy.
    See you soon, bro!!!!!!

  21. Daaaan!! Please.. Read this!! :D
    There are Some songs that I would love to see them in body combat..

    Alejandro (Lady Gaga)
    Sick Of Love (Robert Ramirez)
    Love the way you lie (Eminem)
    Cry Cry (Oceana)
    Memories (David Guetta)
    Replay (Iyaz)
    I like it (Enrike Iglesias)

    I like them so much, please choose 1 ;)

  22. Hey Dan
    I agree that the extreme track seven's that leave us feeling like we can't throw another punch are awesome. They make track eight even better. And I love when you introduce new authentic moves like the shoot, the decoy, the dropping elbow, the power hook. The members really get excited when there are new moves.
    BC45 is fabulous, the music is great !!
    Thanks, and tell Rach hi! You guys are incredible !

  23. How about the return of the step over cross, but in a T3/8?
    And more of the 2 x slip
    I reckon a shoot into street brawl downward punch combo would go down a TREAT!
    Conditioning track could feature some explosive moves like a pushup on your knees where you push off the floor and end up in a seated position?(like your in full mount)


  24. Jump Knees please!!! (2)

  25. Hi dear Dan! I'm Soledad from Rosario, a big city of Argentina, near to Buenos Aires. My dream is take a class with you and Rachel!! I think you are so fantastic! I must be honest, Bodycombat 44 don't like it very much, but 45 is amazing! I would like that the next release, were full of dance music! Rock music i thing isn't funny to practice Body combat!! I hope you visit us soon!!!! Love, Sole

  26. I agree w/ the person above from argentina. 44, wasnt the best release IMHO. 45 was great :)
    and also, most of the members in my class also thought the same, the ROCK songs.. dont push them as hard musically compared to the high tension Hardcore dance tracks. Hope we get a release full of INTENSE DANCE/HARDCORE/POP songs.

  27. Techno Music in Muay Thai
    Evasive Side Kick, Just a few, please
    And a really tough tough release, that can be compared with a Body Attack Mix.
    Regards from Mexico

  28. As a participant i'd love to see an all out kicking fest track! One where you have jelly legs by the end! Throw it all in, evasive side kicks, jumping side kicks! Whoop whoop! Lol

  29. Hey Dan!

    I think having a mix of rock, dance/trance is perfect. The rock really brings out attitude in my participants. I absolutely LOVE track 7 from 44, elbows elbows elbows! Would be awesome to have another esquieva track soon, and I agree, some more jump kicks would be killer.
    The walking alligator pushups haven't been received to well down my end :s

    Your doing a great job, and thank you so much for all yours and Rachs hard work!
    Keep Rocking!!


  30. Oh and how could i forget...the claw!! From 36 was fab !

  31. Long and wide karate pants! It gives a strong feeling of martial arts. And it's been a long time since the last time the long pants is used in filming.

  32. A point of view from Brazil.
    The classes could get back to 45min/50min instead of 58min/1h. It's very rare a gym to give a 1 hour full class, most are just 50min.
    Another thing, what about the brazilian jiujitso look? Just an idea... ;)
    The songs are great, sometimes some like it, sometimes others like that. But people usually likes to know the songs.
    Less complicated combinations are best for students, both new and experienced. The youngsters feel more comfortable and older eventually reach a level 10, if u know what I mean.
    Congratulations always for the great work! I've just made one year as a instructor! Love to be a part of this family.
    We look forward to Rachael to get's here, in RIO-Brazil. Unfortunately you will not come together.. but someday I'll go to NZ lol

    Stay with the fight!

  33. Hi Dan!

    I really have loved what you have done with these past release's and am really looking forward to doing BC45 in a few weeks and am really excited to do BC46 in the near future, but would love it if you brought back the claw move back or did another track similar as to track 6 in BC43 and BC44.


  34. Hi Dan,

    I wasn't over keen on the routine for track 8 in BC45. The music was good, but it didn't seem as hard as 44 & 43? Lots more jabs, uppercuts and hooks are needed please?

    Oh and i agree with the comments above...Muay Tai tracks should DEFINITELY be to HARDCORE like ravers paradise in BC38..

    Cheers Dan :o)

  35. Wow awesome response team!.
    So im a little confused at the small theme coming thru so please give me jut a wee more detail.
    Some say your finding tracks not as intense as other releases' s.?

    With out intimating new members in class, we try and find balance.
    give me specific reasons WHY you want it harder, WHERE?, understand that there really is not such thing as an easy class.
    dan .

  36. -More soundeffects in the songs please!! Ding Ding Clang! Punching-
    Whacking sounds!!! -it really adds up to the experience.

    -Bonus Tracks please?! (Feel like Oliver Twist asking Dan, "Can I have more?"

    -Love the Lightsabre movements-Oops-Sorry, Swordplay movements.

    -Any chance of 360 degrees jumping back kick making it into BodyCombat?

    -Songs that should get a 2nd round in BC: Greased Lightning, Ice Ice Baby, Rofo's Theme, In the Right Mode, Fire, Symphony No.9.

    -Bloopers Reel should be included on the DVD.

    -More Kattas please. Love the kick katta from 'The Funky Choad'.

    Thanks. : )

  37. Hi Dan,

    You guys are fantastic and thanks for the originality of thought in your classes.

    Track 2's seem to often be a bit of a let-down. I loved the ol' days where it'd be a trashy dance track (blow your whistle, smooth criminal etc) - I've found lately they've been really tame. less pop - the pop songs just slow it down I think. I loved Music is Pumping.

    Track 5's also - again tend to be quite rock/pop. I feel it loses the essence of the program a bit. saw an earlier suggestion to bring back the split room - I'm all for that.

    I think some moves from different styles of martial arts etc are great, but if it gets too complex it seems to turn participants off.

    thanks again for all your hard work and the commitment you both show to the program. very impressive.

  38. I'm with others that talk about more hard dance music and less pop/rock - it seems to slow down the track and makes it harder to work.

    the old releases like #16 (very old!) but they used to have a real dance-focus.

    also, less breaks in track 8s, I think after you've smashed yourself in the muay thai, you want to keep that momentum going and die in track 8. I don't like stopping and stretching, or having breaks where you skip etc. Track 8 #27 was amazing. some of the recent ones have been great songs - your shining etc - but even though it was 8 minutes long, there were so many breaks it doesn't feel as exhausting as it should. I understand we need to draw that out from our participants. Bu an e.g. a shuffle and crisscross instead of skipping on the spot - two very different moves in terms of intensity.

  39. I love track 4 from #44 - gives me goosebumps when I teach it. although it sux that we have to use the PPCA-free version cos we lose a lot of the depth in the sound :(

  40. Hi Dan,
    Love what you and Rachel do.

    As far as what types of things I'd like to see...
    Superman punch/Crescent Kick/Spinning Back Kick

    Maybe you can figure out a way to make it easy and safe for participants.

    As far as why and where I would want the class harder...
    Track 3,7,8 are where I would like it harder. why? because that pace creates an interval training experience for me and really helps with my conditioning

  41. Dear Dan!!!! thank you for answer us!!! Body combat makes me so happy!!! It's help me to forget my exhausting day of work! I can't wait to arrive to the gym every monday,Wednesday and friday. My dream is to take a class with you and Rachel, i love your technique and passion.I agree whith Brian
    More soundeffects in the songs please!! Ding Ding Clang! Punching-
    Whacking sounds!!! -it really adds up to the experience.
    Love ! Soledad. Rosario, Argentina

  42. It'd be a great idea to add more side shuffles, so we can conditionate our legs a lil bit more.
    Best Regars!!

  43. Phantoms of the night -
    Based on the skill, stamina and fitness of the legendary warriors of the SAS!

  44. Capoeira theme, with tipical clothes and brazilian capoeira music. It was so great.

  45. want more tracks like hardcore angel (39), ravers paradise(38), escalibur(42), party non stop(36) and hardcore paradise(23). these tracks are amazing
    tracks 8 like i surrender(46) and youre shinning(44) with an awesome cardio workout
    tracks 9 like we are family (19) lets get it started (22) paradise city (30) and here i come (32) all the muscles in a track
    wish u the best dan n rach!!!

  46. hey , how about a track just for Capoeira ?
    I am a Capoeira instructor, and i can guaranty that a good and well planed sequence of capoeira movements can really make a difference.

  47. I'm new to BodyCombat, and I'm loving it. I'm not sure what you've done before Release 45.
    Some ideas that come to mind...
    -A squat, front kick, squat, sidekick, squat back kick sequence
    -A reinforced elbow while moving forward, followed by a backfist in L-stance moving backwards is a fun move
    -Crescent kicks maybe?
    -Knee with front leg, roundhouse with rear leg, land in front, switch, shuffle back.
    -A little more time for stretching hamstrings perhaps.