Sunday, October 17, 2010

ideas for a BODYCOMBAT theme?

Hi warriors,
Ok please write in the comment box below a theme suggestion for upcoming releases and comment on how to bring the theme to life?
try not to list ones we have all ready done. but if you do in what way would we make it different?


  1. I really like a theme of kung fu, you could also explore the martial art called "Sipalki do" with fast combos of fist and kicks.

    How about some movement of "Sumo"? hips down and strong movements in the hands...¿?

    Thanks Dan for making us part of your job.

  2. Hello, i really like you guys to do a scotch theme, using Kilts! I think it yould be awsome

    what do you think

    Be good ya'll

  3. Kilts, true scotsman style? You could go down the braveheart route for tunes :)

    Another option Marvel characters? Bring it to life with a goodie and a couple of baddies or vice versa, lots of fun.

  4. Please Dan, make a BC with Capoeira and Judô theme!!

  5. what about a Ninja theme? You could incorporate ninja outfits, fast moves, and some ninja props

  6. Ninjitsu is indeed an excellent idea (thanks Anjali!!), balance acts like on plum flower poles, nerve strikes, and joint locks like Gleb Levy teaches them, would give nice 'citations' that can be placed troughout the different tracks, not to mention marvelous costume options for the DVD. Capoeira would be a nice global theme as well (best opponents), Judo and BJJ perhaps less (they even more need partners to be convincing, though partner tracks could then bring them to a new level). I think however, KravMaga would be a very very cool theme, specifically strikes against guns and knives, while the somewhat adapted KravMaga moves of other martial arts add special flavor to other trax. But as the fighting disciplines are limited why not put a different fighter as the lead theme, e.g. Jackie Chan (drunken Kung Fu), Bas Ruten (liver shot), Muhammad Ali (rumble in the jungle, the legendary combinations in the 8th round), GSP (superman punch), ... Randy Couture, Rob Razor McCullough, Chuck Liddell, the Klitschko brothers etc. ... the famous ones have all special signatures, you know that, special punch combinations, such as the overhead right of Igor Vovchanchyn, these make beautimous citations in the choreo, not to forget some lovely female fighters as Gina Conviction Carano and Michelle 'The Karate Hottie' Waterson (well deserved nickname) ... citations from their fights -- that's what I mean.

  7. Hi,

    I'm not sure what themes I would like, but I've got a suggestion for a song.

    When I first heard this song I immediately felt like doing combat to it :-)

    It's Weezer with their new song "Ruling me".

    Take care and thanks for all the great work you do. I love combat!

  8. A survivor theme from the TV show Lost and Survivor. Like fighting your way through a jungle with angry tribesmen. The jungle can have the same feel of the book "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad. You would wear old tathered clothes kind of like the characters of ABC's Lost. So the warmup and the first few tracks could feel like a plane crash in the middle of the jungle, then you would fight your way out and then towards the end being rescued near the cool down. Overall it tells the story of surviving a mysterious island while getting rescued.

  9. My 2 cents worth of suggestions:

    1.) Movie themes. A whole release with only movie themes in each tracks

    2.) Bruce Lee vs Jackie Chan vs JCVD vs Chuck Norris vs Donne Yen vs Steven Seagel - A release with moves made famous by these Martial Artists in each track.

    3.) BodyCombat BootCamp! -Back to Basics.

    4.) BodyCombat Tournament - Think Best of the Best. -lots of impressive Hand Kattas & Kick Kattas. (the hand kattas in the movie 'the last air-bender' were quite impressive & refreshing.)

  10. I'd consider a theme of "adaptation/style" -- the idea that as an experienced fighter one has the freedom and wisdom to select what styles and moves best work for oneself. Different ways to do a particular kick or block? Pick the way that suits you best. The way to capture this is to have a lot of "options" throughout the tracks. Jump/step front kicks are the tried-and-true staple. But we can go with things like round 1 has a decoy, round 2 has a switch knee, and round 3 you get to pick which one you want to do. As long as the choreography doesn't feel too contrived I believe this could give us some really neat tracks and combos.

  11. My idea Kick after turn :):)

  12. Sebastian Tarnowski from Poland :)November 1, 2010 at 2:05 AM

    My idea Kick after turn :):)


    hehe "Do What I Say" ;) nice theme

  14. One Night in Bangkok -- lots of muay thai, an overall Asian theme, some surprises in the chory to mimic drunken boxing, ropes around the presenters hands, and use that Vinylshakerz remake of "One Night in Bangkok" for T7.

  15. Kilts would be a very bad idea... guys would be showing stuff that nobody needs to see LOL Don't imagine roundhouse kicks on a kilt, you don't need THAT mental image LMAO

    And Chuck Nurris vs. someone else is bad too, because Chuck Nurris wins over everyone and everything on Earth!

    A ninja theme... now that would be nice!!!

  16. I love the idea of "One Night in Bangkok"!

  17. Whatever the theme, lots of high knee runs ;)

  18. How about Angels and Demons (Good vs Evil), it's not a fighting style as such but makes a great theme for filming with the heavnely girls and you bad boys! lol

  19. BodyCombat 50: CombatMemories

    -all those great tracks we miss (or missed), like BodyCombat Greatest Hits!! JiggaJigga, Paradise City, So What (not that Pink's song, the older one), We Rock, BoomBoom, Shooting Star, Baby I'll Let You Know, Pirates of the Caribbean, Final Countdown... Oh, there's so many great memories!! And finally I want to thank you for using Prodigy's music in bodycombat! No Good, Warrior's Dance and now... FANTASTIC SPITFIRE!!!!

    Greetings from Finland!!


  20. Capoeira theme, with clothes and a true brasilian capoeira song in the track 4 or 6. It was so great.

  21. Dan, please see it.
    Two capoeira themed musics from the film "Only The Strong".

    Thanks from Brazil

  22. I AGREE!!! with the previous posts, the capoeira track needs some traditional capoeira music with the Berimbau, its beautiful and will make it more authentic, the music plays a CRUCIAL role in Capoeira.
    From a capoerista please incorporate capoeira music and more moves. like esquiva and martelo. =)