Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BODYCOMBAT 47still keepin it real!

just finalized the edits for BODYCOMBAT 47 this morning and ive gotta say production have done an amazing job!.
everything from the look, feel, lighting just has gone up another level with all the hard work that was put into the round.
im very pleased that the team for BODYCOMBAT 47 have been inundated with constant social media emails, and messages congratulating them. Rach and i helped them with there technique and scripts each day as we do for all presenters and they just made there tracks light up with all the magic. Ben and Andres thank you, you both were a true pleasure to work with.
So personally this round was fantastic as i had such a great time coaching and helping wherever i could to make BODYCOMBAT a world class product. Rach as always was on fire and together we ate a creative breakfast each morning before choreographing each track. every round we bring pete into the mix as for us pete brings a whole world of musicality and happiness to each release.
For me pete is number one, not only because he's my buddy but also he know's how to deal with my bad mood's from time to time ha ha.. and on that believe me folks when there are people out there that steal your ideas, or mess with the program, or leak information it all comes back to us in unpleasant ways and we have to politically clean up the mess.
remember were on your side and love you all, so help us to "keep it real".
its not even been a week since filming and already Rach and i are deep into BODYCOMBAT 48! as we soon leave for the australian summit and work shops.
then Rach will fly to brazil, and ill either stay home, head to china.. its looking more like home in New Zealand rite now as we will film both CORE 1 and 2 on DEC 12th.
the NEW CORE program being created by myself and susan trainer with the consulting of core, bryce and creative direction of jackie is goin amazingly well.
i dont mind saying, this is a hard ass 30min core class that really makes you feel strong.
if you haven't tried it... then keep your ears n eyes open for the international release.
finally a personal thank you to all that attended and have travelled from around the world to share this awesome time with us.
Dan and Rach.xx


  1. awesome! can't wait for it! as usual the flame of passion keeps on burning.. and before we knew it, its another quarter! seems like only yesterday we had a release..! cheers!

  2. Indeed, can't wait!! Gorgeous to know you guys are always doing your best for us, we really appreciate it.
    You both are awesome!!

  3. Can't wait! You guys are great, thanks for doing these things for all of us. and every time i feel so happy to read your update. THANKS INDEED,RACH&DAN. keep it real and stay with the fight.

  4. Can't wait for this release to come out! I truly have Christmas 5 times a year thanks to you guys! My poor mailman though, I give him the meanest looks until he finally delivers my releases! So thank you guys for giving me 4 extra Christmas holidays a year & also for making this the amazing program you have! Keep up the amazing work! One of these days I'm going to make it to NZ so I can see everything you guys go through to deliver us the final product you do!!!

  5. I'm interested in seeing what new hights the team has come up with. Rach and Dan bring shock and awe to the whole Body Combat community. Interested in seeing what fantastic presenters y'all have brought in for this release. Thanks for all the wonderful enthusiasm that keeps us wanting more.
    big thanks Dan and Rach. TAP OR SNAP YOUR CHOICE!

  6. 46 being releases over in UK next month, just seen a sizzler for it, very excited! I LOVE the shorts! Absolutely cannot WAIT to launch it! Also looking forward to SQW in June, hopefully one of you guys will be there :)