Wednesday, January 26, 2011


With only 24 hrs B4 filming BODYPUMP 78 and the latest revolutionary core training program CX30 release 3, the teams are in final lock down stages!
This round in one word is EPIC!!
The BODYCOMBAT 48 release is something out there I'll say, and for those readin, this is not another OMG the best ever line'! What I'm saying is, Rach and I will literally bring tears flooding down your cheeks.
Get fit people coz if u want the body u have always dreamed of! It's coming NOW!

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  1. woah men, that sounds awesome ! have fun, thx for yur energy ! always a pleasure readin you

  2. Looking forward seeing you as a presenter in BODYPUMP 78 when the DVD hit my eyes!

    See you in Stockholm!!


  3. Word on the street is Cohen blew everyone away in Bodypump 78! Can't. wait. to. see. it.

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  5. I look forward to BC48 (and the tears!). It won't be the first time!!! :) LOVE what you and Rach offer to us and the world of fitness!! GREAT STUFF! Keep it coming!!

  6. Curious to see you are PUMPing again. I am glad to see you are teaching it again.

  7. Looking forward for BC48! Please a Track8 longer than in 47 :-) Anyway... You and Rack are superstars in the world of fitness: thank you guys for all of your work! Have a nice day and a nice Filming!!! bye


  8. Kia Ora :-)

    I'm a BC+BP instructor, but passionate with BC.
    You cannot imagine how much I'm counting the days for the release of BC 48! Sorry to say that, but 47 overall is awful! Only 4 tracks from 10 have something to say?? Why?? Especially that freaky, un-discribeable, which insults the worst way the Irish music, track 5, what where you thinking guys??? With every release, you set the bar higher and higher, but with 47...ouch. many steps backwards. As I have already written in the LM forum, cannot wait to end the "must do days of the new release" and then to start the mix+match from previous releases. And wait for 48, because everybody who was in the filming were amazed!!!!!!!
    Keep strong. Keep inspiring us.

  9. I completely disagree with Sonia's comment above. BC 47 (in my opinion) is the BEST release out for a while - it finally allows our newer participants to take a step back from the sometimes confusing choreography and work on proper technique on the basic moves! And it also encourages our more experienced combatters to unleash more power behind the movements.

    Even with the PPCA free tunes in Australia, the music is great!

    Looking forward to seeing & teaching BC 48. Keep them coming Dan & Rachael!! :)