Sunday, February 6, 2011

Martial arts

UFC 126!! Was awesome to watch!. Some great technical bjj , some hard hitting standup .. What is your fav style of martial art and why? This could be a great topic, comment below and let's chat.

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  1. what a kick by silva... man.
    I love karate fighters like Lyoto Machida. They're unpredictible, moving around the cage very well and very explosive. He's one of the only fighters using the karate stand as well i think... Karate style remains quite unused in the ufc atm and thats why its so special and fun to watch ! Watz ur fav Dan ?
    Bonjour de France ;)

  2. I really enjoy martial arts is hard to say what is the best because they are all good karate is a very nice taste and greetings from Brazil

  3. I love all of the forms of martial arts, but since you asked for a favorite, I'd have to say the blending and blurring of them all is the best. Fighters like Bruce Lee and Anderson Silva just seem like they are on an entirely different planet from the rest of the world. Their fluidity is truly an art, every movement, every strategy, every counter seems so....natural and beautiful like a ballet dancer...only they can take your head off

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  5. I'm a fan of BJJ but you gotta have some standup as well, just in case you can't get them to the ground and punish them. Wish I could of caught this fight sounds like I missed out.

  6. UFC 126 was awesome! I was a little bored for the first couple mintues, then BAM - Victory! Apparently Steven Seagal taught Silva that move. Favorite? Hmmm, kickboxing because it's fun and muay thai because it's powerful. :)


  7. Great fight between Forrest and Ace. Ace could have won the decision.

    Bones Jones is such a talent...if the bet has to be played...he's going to be hard to beat. He's so strong and agile, deadly combination. He will win the title soon!!!

    And what can you say about The Spider? He has been disappointing lately, however he just put that to rest. So quick and the best counter-fighter in the game. Spider and GSP, although different classes, would be a dream matchup!!

    As for my fav style...not sure I have one. So many great disciplines, twists on the traditional martial arts, and innovative techniques are practiced that you never really know what you're going to see happen in the octagon. If 126 was the first PPV event you watched...cheers to a great one!

    Dan...the Montauk NY fishing will warm-up again soon...hurry back brotha!!

  8. Hey Dan to me there are too many. But 2 they come always to my mind are jkd and Krav maga...both use what is useful and its more of a fighting concept . U don't need to look fancy while executing certain techniques it should just be useful.
    So keep up with the fight the way when would it be possible to do cx30 in Germany?
    Have a nice day!or in German: wünsche dir einen schönen Tag und mach weiter so!greetz from Germany