Monday, February 28, 2011

LESMILLS internationals biggest looser results.

After the initial 21 day challenge employee's from lesmills international head office have been following a nutrition and training plan.
I formulated to there personal requirements..
This ranged from training x2 per day, eating no carbs, rite the way thru to some trying to get them to eat 7 meals per day!.
now 6 weeks on some have picked up bad habits but tried to remain good for the most part.
cutting carbs, and alcohol seemed to be the hardest challenge at first but then got used to the idea and felt good about being healthy.
Im sure i was at one point the most hated man in my office as when the "vaux" was checkin in, i could here the rumbling's of quick "he's coming!, which could only mean that stash of choc hidden in the draw was being either ate or moved?.
Now the office has a different view they educate each other on healthy living and use each other as training buddies.
for me the hardest part was to get these krazy cats to listen and follow. They attended a kickboxing circuit/conditioning x2 per week and other class's such as yoga, BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, CX30, BODYATTACK, SH'BAM etc:..
For me the most rewarding was to see these guys changing there lives but also the people around them! families, friends, partners...
im so very proud with almost a tear in my eye, there new attitude towards healthy living is truly fantastic.
the results
Les Mills international staff combined
WAIST SIZE lost a huge 38.5 inches
WEIGHT lost 70.9 kg
BMI was dropped a staggering 26.9
will they now continue? i hope so... do the deserve a drink YES!!
thanks for all that leave comments i know the staff read and im sure they would love your comments.
thanks again Les Mills international you guys "CHANGED YOUR OWN LIVES TOO!"

coach VAUX.xx


  1. How many staff members participated?

  2. That's AWSOME!!!!!!

  3. Fantastic! I love to hear success stories!

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    THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING "love the way you lie" on BC 47. =)