Monday, March 7, 2011

Have u done an AIM module ? If so tell me what were the things that stood out for u? How has your teaching changed?

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  1. I completed the AIM module in Chicago/Aug 2010. I have to say that weekend I was mostly in awe of you and Rach :). It was tough to absorb and apply so quickly but I took the recommendations and applied over time and today I am better instructor for it. Since that time I've had 2 visiting instructors (that didn't identify themselves at the beginning of class) come up to me after class and ask if I was trainer :) maybe someday but for now I'm looking for the next installment of the AIM modules! Keep setting the bar and I'll keep stepping up to the challenge!

  2. Did the BC AIM in Houston a few weeks ago. Lisa Gregory gave great feedback (presented the Muay Thai track!!) and the drills were awesome! Class participants and instructors have noted my coaching is sharper and the class itself has increased in its intensity (and number of participants...Woohoo!) after the AIM.

    The physical part of the AIM stood out for me. The what, why and how of each martial art provided a good insight for those of us that have little to no experience in martial arts.

    AIM was a great experience for me. Thanks for your hard work!!

  3. Just completed my first BC AIM with you this weekend in Baltimore. Next week I will apply and report back to you (4 classes coming up with the new moi!! LOL)

    Firstly...many thanks for making yourself available to us all for this opportune moment! I would have waited much longer to take this...your fitness....your drills...your history..your knowledge is truly amazing and very important that this was shared for us to truly feel the essence and your passion for this program.. We all respect you and Rach so much...AIM really took it all to new heights of appreciation! Thank you!

    We hear you in the releases, but when we are put through the experience first hand...on the floor with drills and lecture moments.. .there is truly a transformation that follows...a light bulb moment!

    For myself I am a 2nd degree black belt in TKD. I truly miss these drills.. I don't practice much anymore, but after this weekend I realize it is of utmost importance to get into a class again to keep my skills what avail is it to our members to just yak it up, and not be able to show our best ! The Ginga was awesome...doing this until my legs were screaming..those 1 minute round house kick drills....and another minute on the pads...(*#($&#@!!) ... ..those kata forms, strikes and drills....and getting so much appreciation of MMA history/culture from one who knows it very well ..

    I also appreciated the personal, one on one critique you were able to give EVERYONE ONE OF US...that was very important as we all "expected" that from you :) Amazing..over 65 of us...

    Observing and listening to everyone else's critique from you was priceless. I have been teaching over 4 years...4 to 6 combat classes as week..and am very comfortable in my skin teaching a well attended class ...possibly the same way but each time with more confidence..however..there is so much more I can offer to the members... educating (history etc) is equally important for their personal appreciation of the many MMA's out there...I don't have all the knowledge, but now I know I have a better understanding...this is the only program where we can truly bring to the members diversity of many's very cool..and is what makes this program so different from all the other LM programs (maybe Flow has this component)

    THanks again Dan! Julia Peck, Culpeper, VA

  4. Hey Dan, I also just completed the AIM in Baltimore as well and can't wait to use the knowledge that you've given to me in my next class. I must say that it was truly an eye opening experience to say the least!! I think the education aspect was great but the drills were even better. I appreciated your honesty to each and every one of us and I know that everyone came through with much more knowledge, passion and appreciation of what you and Rach put into this program. That alone will make us want to become better instructors for the passion that you both have as well as the good of the program.Thanks again for a great experience none of us will ever forget!! Karen Russell, Spotsylvania, VA

  5. Hey Dan, I did the Combat AIM module in Brisbane in January with Sharyn Sue See. The knowledge I gained in just one day was amazing. Went back to my club the following Monday and got told "thats the best class I have ever seen you teach" Sharyn and Dave just gave me amazing feedback and what they suggested I do to enhance my class was achievable. The drills were awesome (not to mention freaken hard - we were all so sore afterwards!!) To be honest, I completely changed the way I taught my class, but I feel like I am a better instructor for it. I also teach BodyPump and am indenting to do the AIM module for that as well. Am so looking forward to AIM 2 and anything else you throw at us to enhance our teaching :)
    Thanks again for this amazing program - even tho I haven't met you or Rach in person - you guys inspire the heck out of me and a lot of people I know :)
    Kia Kaha - Helen (former Kiwi now living in Aussie)

  6. Thanks so much for the AIM - Baltimore Mar 5!
    I taught tonight for the first time since then; for me class felt very different, mostly in my coaching which [I thought] became more multi-dimensional and more professional. The AIM definitely added some strategy and specific focus to my passion and drama.

    I will tell you also that I experimented this week with some of the leadership and mentoring skills that you demonstrated in my "real" job. In particular, I was impressed by your ability to teach each learner with the same intensity and focus regardless of basic skill level. You met each of us at our own level and "stretched" us, as you said, to the next without ever appearing frustrated, disappointed, disinterested. That is not an easy thing . . . and I have tried to model the same behavior with my own learners at work. Thanks again! Farrah

  7. Thanks so much for the AIM in Baltimore Mar 5 Dan! It was an amazing experience and well worth the trip. I learned so much and really absorbed what it means to be in the essence and being in 'character' for the different martial arts. Your demonstrations and teachings - amazing! Thanks for coming such a long way, you truly inspired so many people and totally gave us a boost. Time to really represent and apply what I learned!

    Mirella - Canada

  8. I just barely completed the Attack AIM with Lisa this past Monday. Although all of the technique stuff is great, the module really helped me connect the dots as far as teaching within the essence of the program. How the feel of each format is different, and even each track at times. She gave us a lot of small things we could do that would really make such a big difference. It really adds a dimension to the way you approach teaching.

  9. Im doing BC AIM1 a week on Thurs with Tanya Walker...will report back after :D

    Cant wait Im so excited!!


  10. I completed the AIM in Chicago last August, and it was an awesome experience. Huge thanks to you guys for sharing your insight and experience with us. Biggest take-away for me personally was to remember to inject individual personality into how I instruct, and to emphasize the unique 'feel' of each martial art to create a more immersive experience. It's definitely made me a better instructor, and helped me put together a path to continuous improvement. Can't wait for the next level of the AIM!