Monday, May 2, 2011

BODYCOMBAT 49 filming!

1hr and 40 mins until the filming of BODYCOMBAT release 49!. This round has been tougher than some!.
Lots of trial class's and lots of CX30 trial class's. Along with post production , notes and education ect: maybe it's the same? Yet it does all seem tougher this round still.. I do think this self pressure adds to all the excitement on the night! I'm looking forward to it and I know it's gonna be pumping!. Presenters are George from Cyprus and tamu from japan ! Both have a large karate back ground, the music for this release as always is a blend of genres and I'll say this! Track 5 could actually be the hardest in terms of fitness in The release? But I guess it all comes down to how u move with the music.
Oh and yup track 9! The challenge is to do the entire track in your toes!! Good luck on that!

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  1. This should be interesting to see. I love seeing more karate in the releases.

  2. Looking forward to it! Love the techniques :)

  3. the entire track in your toes?? OMG!! what means that??!! O.o

  4. Track 9 have become quite awesome since realease 47.

  5. can´t wait to see bodycombat 49. ;)

  6. dan body combat is my life, love the guys at all seasons chorley lancs, rachel knows tina the instructor she is the instructor there also is beth..i can see her being the next rachel cohen..keep up the fab work guys i love it xx lorraine holt chorley uk