Thursday, September 15, 2011

Enjoying my break sort of!

Hi team...

So currently on holiday..
That's a funny word isn't it" holiday"!
My type of holiday I guess is different from most people's.
I wake up and train.. Eat, do stuff around the house.. Well that lasted 2 days!!.
Now I train listen to music, train again, and am working on BC51 and CXWORX ... Eat , watch a movie... Train again and eat again and watch rugby..
I occasionally drink a beer oh and today I ate some cheesecake haha...
Hope your all having an amazing week.

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  1. So this is holiday for you??? :ppp Training and training and training :)) That really makes me wonder how crrazy your regular days are!! Really, how crazy are your regualr days? What would a regular day in the life of Dan Cohen be like?

  2. Hello Dan, I was just watching some nostalgic DVDs ... but in Bodycombat 34 in track 7 ... when Rachel pretends to kick you sham... I fear you have seriously affected ... am i wrong? :-) (Sorry for the mistakes ... google translator). I wish you a really good day! F.

  3. Hello hello
    just to say that I could easily ear something like this in a BC class, maybe tr.6 ? : Afrojack - Can't stop me no

    It made think about a tr.6 when i first listened to it, but it would surely needs some beat modifications...

    enjoy your break Dan

  4. I'm quite an admirer of you, but I have something on my chest.

    In the track 6 in BC 49, when you did middle block, your block side forearm (UKETE in Japanese) travelled along the above your tugged forearm (HIKITE).
    But in KARATE, when you do middle block, your block side forearm must travel along the watch side of your tugged forearm.

    What do you think about this ?