Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The future

Yo what's up everybody!!

It's Tuesday morning here in NZ and the weather sux!.

Started the day on the busy roads of Auckland listening to my fav radio station rock fm! Man those peeps on that station are crack ups for sure!.
They play very funny games on people:
Example the call you at work just to play a trick on u!
Anyways had me laughing heaps on the way to work.
Life is awesome, after 5 months working on a very very special project my body is finally in rest mode!... And get this I'm in better shape now than I was in the lead up! Stink!! Haha oh well..
I've got meetings allllll dayyyy... And then I'll teach a pump/CXWorx combo class later on.
I'm in "count down" again as I hit the USA for there huge super quarterly in Arlington I think?.. It's a rob dyer event and am really pumped about it!.
I'll return back to NZ on the 31st august which is my birthday , so I'm sure I'll do something cool?.
How's ur week looking?... Any one booked to do anything real exciting soon?.

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  1. I like how do you say "life is awesome" "life is amazing".. your blog really surprise me,, you're always busy and working hard! xdd howeber it is important to find and enjoy those little moments,, just like you do!! =) You know,, It's also understanding and I think people should learn about you.. I hope you'll have a nice birthday bro! Greetings from Spain to you guys,, I like so much the "new" release! BC49,, It's incredible! Thankyou.. (and sorry for the mistakes) :S

  2. Easy week for me, tonight BC48 class and thursday also and tomorrow a XCO class (for the core). Cant wait to start with BC49 but think i still need to wait a few weeks.
    Greetings from Holland

  3. Hi, Dan! Thanks for BC49: it's more surprising than expected! Strangely track 7 is slower than in the past but it leaves you breathless! I love that!!! You and Rach are insuperable! Thanks Thanks Thanks!!! bye guys


  4. This is a particular calm week! Four more classes of BC, four more of Power Jump, two more BJ, two more BP and to finish the week, a very special BB at Ipanema beach on a Friday night!! That's a calm week ;) Make some time to come to Brazil Dan!

    Nanda \o/

  5. Big weekend in Canada! Many instructors heading over to Toronto for CanFitPro! Wish I could be there but I'm happily staying behind to cover some Combat & Pump classes. Canada misses you! Maybe you and Rach can come to next year's CanFitPro?

  6. DAN!! WHY LMI has to cover EVERY good track in BodyCombat!!!?? Track 7 was great! (Na Na Na.) but.. honestly,, it was so much better the ORIGINAL version.. (My Chemical Romance.)

  7. Some songs we simply either can't get the licence for or the right version for the program. It's not my 1st choice ill always prefer the original, however the covers are so very good!
    Dan .

  8. Dan ,you are a huge inspiration. I am a new Combat instructor and model my technique and intensity off of how you bring it in every single release. Looking forward to BC 50, had a peek at 49 from our Quarterly Workshop and find that it doesn't hit me as hard as 47 and 48. 47 is the one I trained on, so of course I have a huge spot in my heart for that one.

    Thank you and Rach both for all that you guys do, I can't wait to meet you guys some day!

    Keep it real as always, stay with the fight!

  9. good to have news from you Mr.Dan ! always a pleasure reading you.

    loved bc49, tr6 is freakin awesome/cardio peak in my opinion of the realease. the overall intensity was higher i think in bc48 but 49 has reached a new level ... but i kinda miss the techno muay thai tracks, from 39 and so on...

    oh and the : "do i know something that you may not ??" maid me laugh for a long time ;)

    Bests from France! (cant wait to see the RWC starting... (:

  10. Thanks team, yup BC 49 for sure kicks butt!!.. I guess in a way once u fully know the release , u can kick ur own butt! Hehe

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  12. Happy Birthday Dan!
    I hope you have a great time on this day
    you are the best of all

  13. Happy Birthday :)
    Hope you have a good one!

  14. Opps!! Sorry for late, but... happy birthday Dan!

  15. Hey, Dan and Rach! Next time you guys are up in New England with Les Mills, you should drop by the MMA gym I've been training at. We have a conditioning workout there that I'm pretty sure would give both of you a run for your money. One hour of savage brutality, toned down and served up to the public from the same shootfighting and muay thai workouts we put out competitive fighters through before they go into the cage. Guy Chase Academy of Martial Arts:

  16. Hi Dan!*wish I can say that in person to U! :)
    U're inspiring & always,always never let us down in each of the every tracks that U did!
    Keep up the good job& yes,please pretty please come to Malaysia again!

  17. I would love the new blog to contain tracklists for the most recent releases including artists, testimonials, video tutorials