Friday, October 7, 2011


Mmmm so cxworx 6 and bc51 is totally awesome.. However sumin still is not sitting rite.. Oh well back in the studio again all day...
The members love it! And we trial in multiple gyms with different time slots.. But hey, every class they say wow awesome.. I know it's great to hear, yet I'm not convinced.. I think it's because in the CXWORX6 we can add some
Slower tempos to real help the members get a better quality of movement.
And in the BODYCOMBAT51 we need to keep playing with the choreography until we can more of that wow factor just like pirates of the Caribbean... I mean the work out is sick tuff if u want it to be .. But we getting closer to the magic..
Mmmm let see what trial number 24 brings us?

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  1. Wow you guys are going fast, here in Holland we just started with BC49. 1 of my intructors doesn't really like the music but thats with every new release, in the begin you dont like the music but after 3 weeks you love the music.

  2. Be patient dear :)) I am sure you are doing a great job, and things will fall into place :)))) We believe in you

  3. U really doing a great job. Did BC50 a few days a go music and beat wise BodyCombat has really improved in the last 10 releases. BC50 has really the wow-effect, although he is not so though and hard as I would expect it is one of the best releases.

    One thing I want to express is the development of track 5. This track, for me, was always the lowest point in the class. Was ... because since BC48 it has grown, in BC49 it was my favorite one just as in BC50 it has become an highlight in the class.

    Keep on going !!!

  4. I and my participants love what you've done with track 5. It also seems like the past two Muay Thai tracks (48 and 49) are getting harder - bring it on.

    The choreography for 49 was a breeze to learn and it's easy to teach, but some more seasoned participants have said they think it's too simple, they prefer older releases.

  5. We are doing bodycombat 51. Fantastic!!