Thursday, October 13, 2011


Body is sore, eyes are heavy, but off to sound studio . #BODYCOMBAT 51 will have a couple tracks with sound effects.. I like to be creative

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  1. Thumbs UP for the sound effects, Dan. Spices up the workout for me. (any chance of a lightsabre sound effects for swordplay katta? ) (juz asking). Cheers!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa noooooooo sound effects! don't return to the 80's! We love BC for it's originality and uniqueness. Don't do it fight do :-(((((((((((((((

  3. OH GOD NO!!! they stopped putting them in BC for a reason .. they're shit!!

  4. Im just teaching BC49... Your talking about BC51!!!

    I have to wait for the sound effects... Think i would love it in a couple of track not in all of them..


  5. Sound effects! Fantastic! that sounds good! In both sense of the word! Next release, I bring my 3D-glass! sweatproof model, please... Mister, You will think about that later, and you will laugh.Or maybe my sense of humor is on the fritz today.More seriously, music gets better everyday, BC is a living proof of what I said, or what I typed... Sound effects get better as well. 80's sound effects are history, 2011s sound effects are the future, yeah, sometime I exagerate a little bit...
    I think it is quite challenging to reintroduce this stuff, so let's see and wait, cos open our mouth before open our ears is never good. Anyway, mmmh... I like the english word... anyway, sound effects can even cover one of my old habits, for some freaky reason, I make some funny sounds with my mouth when I kick hard : pchiiii!!! or pchuuu!!! or sort of... and I don't think they make a patch for that... But I'm sure I'm not the only one to experiment this wacky-freaky-deaky habit ! "wacky-freaky-deaky" whao !!! try saying that ten times fast when doing a track 5.oups, I got a little sidetracked... but, hey, track 5! what a huge change! I believe everything can change with hard work and researches.

  6. I love how you try different things on BC. I'm seeing great things coming up from there. Miss that sound efects and they're coming. Can't wait.
    Cheers from Portugal!

  7. WE love the sound effects here in Chile!!! thumbs up for it!!